30 days submission - Day 9

Do you accept and/or expect structure, rules and limits as a part of your submission? How do you feel about them?

I both accept and expect them. To really get into them though I need to break them down.

So, with structure, I don't necessarily have that at the moment. We are in a long-distance relationship, so I get to see Daddy roughly once a week. This doesn’t lend itself to having much structure to our relationship which if I’m honest, I can struggle with. I have never don’t long distance before and that plus adding the DDlg element makes me feel a little more vulnerable. Its hard to explain why but I’m hoping its temporary and that soon I will be able to have the structure of on X day I will see him and on Y day he can stay over, so I can feel a little bit more like a proper girlfriend and sub.

We have rules that I actually typed up so that we both know what is and is not allowed. These rules hold both of us accountable and it also details that I will give all of myself to Daddy and allow him to own me as his baby girl, in return he will always take care of me and be my Daddy.

In terms of limits, there are limits that I have (hard and soft) but I also have limits on what I can do with Daddy. Some of these limits I struggle with. For example, I have a cheeky playful side but often when I show this side it is met with that look which tells me I’m in trouble or I have pushed a limit. It’s not that I am meaning to be bratty or rude but sometimes the way my mind works I will through out a cheeky comment in reaction to something, but it seems like Daddy doesn’t like it. It means I must try and think ahead which stops me just being my natural relaxed self. Its not always that this happens but it’s enough to bother me. I guess that’s just part of learning to be obedient though.

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