February PhotoFest

Since my early teens (and possibly a little younger) I have been fascinated by erotic photography. While it can venture over into the territory of pornography, it doesn’t necessarily have to. In fact, most of the pin ups of the 40s/50s are classed as erotic photography as they are “sexually suggestive”.

I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but I’ve never got up the courage as I don’t necessarily love how I look, so when I started blogging here at Sex and Spanx, I decided I would work towards more body positivity, one day biting the bullet and booking a shoot.

On my travels on the world wide web last year, I discovered Molly’s Daily Kiss and her February PhotoFest challenge. It was inspiring looking through all the people who were joining in. All shapes and sizes, embracing their inner kink and just being themselves. I was jealous and wanted to have that much mental freedom over myself. I took part last year, missing some days unfortunately, and I’ve decided to give this year a go too.

We’re currently in lockdown so I’m not sure if that will give me more creativity as I have more time or restrict me as I’m not alone at home. Time will tell I guess.

You can find all of each years posts by clicking on the links below, and you can find more info and other bloggers by checking out the February PhotoFest page.

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