30 days submission - Day 12

Do you include financial submission within the definition of your own submission and if yes, how does it manifest itself? If no, is there a particular reason why? Are you familiar with the concepts of financial submission? Do you have an opinion about financial submission in general?

Financial submission? I assume by that it would be Daddy controlling my money?

If so, then absolutely not. I have no opinion on if it is right or wrong as that is something that you as a couple must agree to however I will never under any circumstances allow anyone to control my money. That is a huge red flag for me as it was something that my abusive partner used to do, and I wont ever be able to allow myself to be in that situation again. Not only that I have a child that I am responsible for and I am the one who runs my house on a very tight budget. Having someone else take that away would give me serious anxiety.

I know that Daddy is very different. There are times when he makes me feel a little uncomfortable by saying things like if you need to borrow money just ask baby girl – and I appreciate that more that I think he understands but as someone who has had such horrible experiences surrounding money I utterly detest talking about it.

I feel uncomfortable talking about it in positive ways too … so I know its my hang up but it is what it is.

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