30 days submission - Day 8

Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

Spanking is part of both our play and our punishment. I find it quite satisfying to be spanked, especially during penetrative sex. When he is pounding me from behind, his hands on my hips and he swiftly spanks my ass ... oh god it’s AMAZING! On occasion I have been so deep in the play that he has managed to make me orgasm simply from being spanked, as far as I can recall its been while using the flogger as well as his hand but I’d have to check with him to be sure, I was so cummy I cant 100% remember.

Spanking is also used as punishment. At the beginning it was light spanking but as I have got used to the sensation, he has been gradually increasing it. Sometimes it is bearable but there are times where he focuses on only one cheek to increase the pain and I have to really struggle not to yell out or cry. It’s not completely intolerable that I would need to use the safe word, but he has taken me quite close at times.

Corporal punishment could mean a multitude of things – He does use a paddle and flogger, though not as much recently as they are louder sounding which isn’t possible. He also seems to be a fan of stress positions which I fucking detest! Like actually hate with a passion.

His go to is the squat position which feels like it pulls every muscle in my legs at the one time and because I am a bigger girl the extra weight on my ankles is in no way pleasant. It’s one that I feel the next day, while spanking with the paddle, flogger or hand only hurts for a few hours when done hard.

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