30 days submission - Day 29

Is pain or humiliation (spankings for example) a part of your submission? What is your relationship to it? Do you embrace it as a part of your submission, tolerate it as necessary or have some other type of relationship with it? 

OK so pain is part of my submission. It’s something that I took as a given before partaking in any kind of BDSM activity as it seemed to go had in hand. The levels of pain are the part that is subjective.

For me, I enjoy some (what I would say is) moderate pain. I have discussions with Daddy about this regularly as he has such a high tolerance of pretty much everything that what he sees as very mild could be extremely uncomfortable for me. Thankfully be goes by my reactions rather than what he ‘thinks’ so its never been more than I can handle. It started off light in the beginning as I was a total newbie, but it has progressed. I know it will get harder at some point again, but I like that he lets me build up to it as I find that pleasurable.

Of course, when administered as a punishment there is a little more force used. I once burst out laughing at him cause he repeatedly fucked up opening and closing my blinds which was rude of me and I was promptly put over his knee and spanked. Hot as fuck btw, but a little on the sore side as there was no warm-up. That’s fine though as it was a punishment and I took my spanking like a good girl. Spanking is rare as a punishment these days as we have moved onto actual not fun punishments, so I really see hard spanking as more of correcting a behaviour he doesn’t like. In that instance it’s something I tolerate rather than actively seek.

Humiliation is something we have only dabbled in and what we have I have enjoyed. Writing on my body for example or using things on me as sexual objects that weren’t designed for that purpose. To me it’s something that I both accept and find erotic pleasure in as I view it as an act of dominance. Similar to when we are in rough play and he calls me his cum-dump as he is pounding me or throat fucking me, while calling me his whore

Do I feel humiliated? Not really, as that’s a negative emotion to me and what we do together is never negative. Its simply part of play and a way for him to reinforce that he owns me so can do whatever he likes to me, wither its write “Daddy’s hole” on my legs with an arrow or if its fucking me with a lube bottle while making me gag on his big thick cock. 

Its all fun and incredibly naughty which I love.

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