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I'm quite a friendly person and in my journey to learning about BDSM, i am keen to discuss all aspects of the lifestyle.

If you find while reading my blog that there is something you wish to discuss but don't feel comfortable leaving a public comment then you are more than welcome to contact me directly.

Firstly though i do have some rules ...
  • Number one being you must be respectful. I am willing to discuss any topic but if you are abusive or aggressive in anyway, i will cut all contact. There is no need. I may be discussing things involving my sex life but that doesn't make me a whore - at least not yours!
  • I am also not in the market for a relationship. I am happily taken both as a partner and as a sub so please don't waste your time.
  • I wont accept attachments and wont ever send any via email. Spam and viruses are a pain the the ass. If there is something you just have to share (image wise) then you can get me on twitter.

If you still wanna say "hey", then get in touch.

**Note on images - With the exception of my pictures, all images are taken from royalty free sites and published without intent of copyright infringement. Should you own one of the images used and wish me to remove it, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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