30 days submission - Day 25

Are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express submission? If not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? Is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

Hmm not really. Not helping me express my submission anyway. Though if I had to take a stretched leap the under-bed restraints definitely make me feel submissive. When he straps me in there, he has the free rein to do whatever he likes, and I have to be his good girl and take it – totally submissive to him.

I have been given a necklace as a valentine’s gift that I only take off to wash my hair and I love that as it makes me feel like I’m carrying a bit of him with me all day. The teen has on many occasions brought to my attention that when I’m sad or agitated I will play with it or bring the pendant to my lips which I didn’t even realise I did. I guess that could be a form of my submission, always wanting and needing to be close to him and the necklace helps with this.

If there was a ritual or item that could help me express my submission better I would be all over that cause I feel like a really shitty sub these days but sadly there is nothing that I can think of.

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