30 days submission - Day 23

Is there anything about submission (yours or what you see in others) that you question, dislike or repels you? Was there a time you questioned or were resistant to your own submissive feelings?

I don’t feel repulsive towards any type of submission. That’s a very judgemental stance to take on something that might not simply be for me. I have a rule that so long as what you are into is consensual and doesn’t involve animals or children then you do you. I am not including pet play in that btw – I mean involves actual animals – if you wanna dress up as a pony and be ridden and cropped across the ass then fair play.

I do question some forms, but that’s purely so that I can learn more about it. Never from a negative viewpoint.

Master and slave for example. I know of many subs who call their Doms “Master” however I am told this is different from the Master/slave dynamic. From what I gather that involves less input from the sub (slave in this case) and seems to be more extreme than say my DDlg dynamic. That’s fair enough – if that is what they have agreed to and find fulfilling then so be it. Its not anyone’s business but theirs.

Age regression is another one I am unsure about - which I have been asked if that’s what I am into as I have a Daddy. I believe that is where the sub can be their inner child for all intents and purposes, and it doesn’t involve a sexual element when in the regression. Again, fair enough. Personally I don’t have an ‘age’ as it were – I’m told that I fall under the category of a little as I have “little behaviours” – like to colour, watch Disney, have blankets and have opted for the Daddy Dom – But that’s about as little as that goes for me. My relationship is a highly sexual one and at no point have I ever felt like a child or wanted to act like one, so I don’t know that a little is 100% correct for me.

That is one of the great things about BDSM though – its not a one size fits all. You can customise it to what you like and leave out the bits you don’t. There are some things I enjoy that I don’t think would be classed as DDlg and yet there are lots I do like that are. Its like the pick and mix of life – take what you like out of it and have a cup full of fun at the end.

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