30 days submission - Day 21

Is there a physical position that makes you feel most submissive?

Him on top or in doggy position.

In those positions I am completely under his control. With doggy I have a little more wiggle room as it whereas obviously I could just move forward but quite often with doggy it’s not so much on all fours, as much as it’s my ass in the air and head down as he pounds me into the mattress. Not many places I can escape to in that position, especially if he’s pulled my arms behind my back to hold me in place. Oh fuck - that is hot as hell as he uses my own arms to pull me onto his hard cock.

Another one where I really feel submissive is when he has me restrained to the bed. That one doesn't happen often just now but when it does its really easy to get into sub space. I am 100% at his mercy and there is nothing I can do but let him do what he wants to his property. I have the most intense orgasms when that happens.

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