The toy box - #FebPhotofest2020

I had wondered if it was possible to have too many sex toys. Especially as I have not only just received the new toys I bought myself for Valentine's day, but because I have an honest to god wish list for the toys I want!

Then after discussing the "issue" with the lovely kinksters over on Twitter, I've decided not only is it impossible to have to many ... I know have recommendations for yet more fun toys to add to my list.

Basically I think I'm gonna need a whole dungeon. And I'm good with that!

I'm a firm believer that if you take care of your toys, they will last you a long time. And with that many of my toys are now unavailable from where I originally bought.

However most of my collection comes from Lovehoney, Bondara, Ann Summers and eBay*. Some of the restraints are from Amazon and the white rope is from B&Q, cause why the hell not!

I will be replacing my restraints as I only bought cheap so I could see if I liked them. They are not strong enough for the play we are now getting into, so soon will go to leather cuffs and restraints rather than the canvas and faux leather I have just now.

*Only ever buy new toys from reputable sellers on eBay. Although there are many second hand listings on there, when it comes to penetrative toys, I only ever buy from actual business sellers and ALWAYS check feedback first.

February Photofest

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