Pet names

Twitter is a riot!

I love it cause there are so many people like me who speak openly and without judgement. I feel like I can be myself when talking to others which is nice ... for the most part. 

I am a submissive yes ... But that doesn't mean I am an innocent little flower. Which a few have found to their peril.

I have plenty of fantastic conversations with other Doms. I have discussed a range of topics from tattoos to their views on various forms of BDSM. I've discussed the merits of each season of supernatural and the different sensations given with different spanking implements. It's a pleasant conversation cause they respect the fact that I'm off limits. I may not be collard but I am still owned. So never - not once have these Doms made a move on me. And I love that. 

To me that is a sign of a true Dom and not some 'wannabe fuck boy' as I call them. 

I have made it very known across every platform I am on, that I am taken. So when I get fuck boys DM-ing me about how they wanna make me cum, I laugh. When they tell me they can fuck me "better than your daddy", I wonder if they change their sheets or if their mum still does it ... but when they have the balls to call me their baby girl or their princess. They get tore down pretty quick.

I am not, nor will I ever be any ones baby girl but Daddy's. It might seem like such an insignificant thing to get annoyed at but to me it's disrespectful and for people claiming to be part of the lifestyle, they really should know better.

Pet names mean something to a sub. 

Every time Daddy calls me his baby girl I have a rush of pride. When he calls me my love or my girl, i feel so bloody happy my face hurts from smiling. It's a way of making sure I know I'm his, in the same way that I address him as Daddy the majority of the time (baby when Daddy wouldn't be appropriate). It's a verbal indicator of ownership that is just between the Dom and sub.

These are titles that are important to subs/little so when some random asshole says they wanna make me "their princess" - it rubs me up the wrong way.

A submissive/little might seem like a push over but I can promise you we can hold our own and if you wanna be a real Dom ... you kinda need to learn that quickly!


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