Feb Photofest 2020 - Day 25

Sleepy bunny today. But a nap is needed as Daddy is coming down tonight and im gonna need my energy.

This lack of sleep is starting to wear me down a little. It's been going on for weeks now and i have no way to control it. Even my go to of getting out my toy box and playing till im sore isn't wearing me out enough to keep me asleep right through.

This is one of the things that affect me daily with regards to my mental health. I have some coping techniques but things like nightmares, panic attacks etc, there is no way around it but to just ride it out.

So i need to catch a nap when i can and hope that tonight, like always Daddy can pound me into a coma so i can have a full nights sleep - Even if it is though passing out from cumming like a whore.

February Photofest

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