Assessing my Relationship

I'm a chronic over thinker. Honestly it's a pain in the ass as I can have full blown conversations in my head and reach an outcome I won't necessarily like cause of a what if argument I have made up in my head.

I don't mean to do it. But that doesn't mean I can stop it.

So when I got together with Daddy I had a frank and open discussion with my step dad, who is also in the BDSM community and understands my mental health a bit more than most. I was terrified my head would make me fuck this up. So we came up with a plan to set a date, and on this date take a real hard honest look at the relationship. Make a list - cause I love doing that, and see where I'm at. 

The original date has passed - but I extended it due to the 5 weeks that we were apart over Christmas as it felt like I wasn't getting a fair representation. I was out of the country for 2 weeks and then family commitments and what not, it wasn't enough time for me to really assess. So my amended date is tomorrow ... 4 months from when we first spoke.

With family being here this weekend, I decided to take today to sit at the table, with my pen and paper and assess. I've been writing the things I like about the relationship and things I'm not happy about and it's very much one sided. 12 to 1 in fact. My only issue with the relationship? I wish I could see him more.

That's it!

And I'm not thinking like a romantic chick in some novel. I'm not looking at this relationship all starry eyed ... I know he farts and snores and his deep hatred of some of my favourite foods might annoy him at a later date ... but these aren't problems for me. They are quirks that are part of him. Just like I fart and snore and hate some of the things he likes - liquorice for example - which he used as a punishment. Boke!

No I don't look at daddy as the Prince charming in some Disney film ... I look at him as a realistic woman. And for me ... he is perfect.

He's not the Prince charming to my Cinderella ... He's the Shrek to my Fiona and that's all I could ever want in a partner. Someone just like me who is down to earth, who loves me for me, can make me laugh and isn't afraid to get a bit dirty. Fuck having to be this prim proper lady, id rather be me and nor have to be embarrassed by that. And that's how I feel with him. He let's me be me no matter how weird I may be. And I love that. 

I'll take the mud hut in a swamp with him any day!

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