Feb Photofest 2020 - Day 11

The weather is horrendous here today so i am wrapped up in my big oversized cardigan to keep me warm. Another plus side is Daddy was wearing it when he was here so it not only smells of him but i'm finding his hair in it too.

Wonder how easy it will be to make a voodoo doll. 

How much fun would that be - Every now and again feeling his ass and him feel it too even though hes so far away. Getting to make him cum at my fingertips whenever i like, as he is able to do to me.

I would be bad with it though - whispering in its ear all the naughty things i love about him or that he does to me. Poor Daddy would be in a permanent state of erection and sexual arousal - my not stopping till he gets so frustrated that he comes down here to punish my bad behaviour.


Excuse me while i go google the history and how to's of voodoo dolls.
February Photofest

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