Let's chat about Squirting

I wanna have a chat today about the magical experience that is squirting. 

Purely as I was formerly of the "no way that's real" mindset and even after previously experiencing it 3 times, I still was sceptical.

Let me explain.

The 1st time I squirted was while being fisted. Now, if you have ever experienced this fullness then you will understand why I was shocked and a little terrified at the prospect that if just wet myself during a sexual encounter. I have previously participated in water sports but that was mutually agreed and I sure as shit hadn't agreed to peeing on my bed that night. He was of course quite proud of himself though when he went to the bathroom all smug, I was down on my knees, nose in the sheets smelling for any indicator of urine. 

But there was none. 

Another long period of time passed and again while being fisted I gushed all up his arm. This was the first time I had squirted since the previous experience but wasn't the first time since that he had gone wrist deep so I couldn't see a correlation between the two - other than his gloating at a perceived job well done and my wondering what the fuck was wrong with me.

Yes I had heard of squirting before but genuinely hand on heart I thought that was one of those porn things that never happens in real life. Like in between takes she was getting water skooshed up her and then the cameras turned on to see her create an indoor pool with her pussy.

I had an open discussion with my mum about this - side note I have a very open relationship with my mum and we are both comfortable enough to discuss things such as fisting and squirting - and bless her she was buckled at my reaction. It's all fun and games for those in the know but to us mere mortals, it's quite a freaky experience. I didn't know I could do that to begin with so 3 times total was like 'what the actual fuck is happening!'

The second time I was "intimate" with Daddy (read fucked totally and to complete destruction), he showed me what my body could really do. And if I thought squirting before was something, then this was about to get real crazy.

For me, when I'm about to squirt, it is more intense that a normal orgasm and it feels like a pressure that's building. Not unlike the sensation of instantly bursting for a pee which I think is what made me dubious. I often make a point of going to the loo before I have sex so I knew it couldn't be that but it was definitely a similar feeling.

When he made me squirt with his fingers, I instantly retracted myself and when questioned I explained why. He found this amusing and after convincing me it was definitely not me pissing myself and he thought it was actually hot as fuck, I let him show me how he did it ... And again, and again, and again. After around the 5th time I was able to actually feel it building up. The more he played, the more I came and then occasionally squirted the quicker each next orgasm built up. By the 7th time i squirted, it was such a massive gush I splashed up his forearm, the back splash was all over my stomach and my cum pooled in his hand. 

The 8th and final time during that session was significantly less of a gush - if anything more of a trickle. Considering the fact my bed had such a thorough soaking, that the bottom of my mattress was damp, It's to be expected i would run out.

He seen this as no big deal - the amount of times he made me squirt I mean, but to me that was like someone giving me second sight. It was like nothing I had ever experienced and thankfully with him I could discuss these things. We weren't yet dating at that point but he still gifted me these magical experiences. 

Since then he has made me squirt multiple times. Both with his fingers and with his cock. It's the most intense feeling EVER and on most occasions I am able to feel it build, though there have been occasions where ive been pleasured so much i have no idea its happned till i see the aftermath. It isn't something that happens everytime, which I'm actually glad of cause I think it would lose its shine if it happened every session. I have however been taking note and have managed to make myself squirt a few times during solo play too.

My curved glass dildo is the absolute champ at this. It's the perfect shape and the nubs and swirls rubbed slowly all along my walls help build up to a messy explosion. My Rampant Rabbit, that I've named "mind fuck" has got me there too - though I can only take so much stimulation from him before I have to stop. It's so powerful and makes my insides tingle so much I can't really tollorate more that 3 or 4 orgasms till I'm dizzy and ready to pass out.

It's amazing what a little education can do to open your mind. I went from believing it was impossible to having been able to do it myself. And that's all thanks to some guidance from someone who knows.

Its because of this that i've decided to write this post and share a link to an amazing blog post i've found all about squirting. In that post the woman gives an actual tutorial so that more women can experience this wonderful sensation.

So go forth my fellow kinksters, learn and gush.

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