Discovering my breeding kink

I've always been deeply turned on by the idea of having my partner cum inside me.

To me it's more about being marked as his, rather than the actual longing to get pregnant.

Yet with the exception of my ex, as we were actively trying to get pregnant, and obviously when i was trying to conceive my son, i have always used protection ... and then i met Daddy.

Its an argument i have got into with the bestie as she thinks it mental that i would risk infection or pregnancy with someone so quick into a relationship. But the truth is i trust Daddy when he says he knows he is clear - just like he trusts me when i told him about my all clear result. And i'm not 100% sure i can even get pregnant again so it isn't ever really a worry of mine.

Daddy is aware that i am not allowed to be on hormonal birth control due to health risks and he knows i have latex free condoms there, but he himself has said he loves cumming in me and i'm not gonna argue cause i love it too.

When he is rearranging my insides with his bare cock, it adds something to the experience having him blow deep inside. Hearing him tell me he's gonna "paint my walls with his cum" has on more than one occasion pushed me over into orgasm when i'm tottering on the edge, and hearing him tell me to "take his seed" is like an instant amp up of the horny factor.

We obviously share this breeding kink as he has, often during our more rough play, referred to me as his cum dump which isn't limited to but does include cumming inside my pussy. I know for many this isn't a nice way to talk to your partner, but during a scene it is perfectly acceptable and it turns me on so much. As a sub i love making my Daddy happy and there are times during our play where i love being used and abused. So having him pin me down and fuck me till he cums and forcing himself deep inside me is so fucking hot, i'm actually getting wet thinking about it. It's like the definitive marking, filling his "dirty little slut" with so much cum it pours out. And for me, the adrenaline and the being dominated is worth the minimal risk.

While every breeding fetish isn't about pro-creation, there is definitely something primal about that. Having your man fuck you so good and knocking you up is the ultimate way of marking someone as yours. I have had many a naughty dream about such events, not the actual getting pregnant, but being bound and fucked, knowing that is what he is trying to do. I have developed on this thought through solo play and it's definitely got me there. I guess it's where the whole barefoot and pregnant thing came from in the first place. For a guy i can totally see why it's such a turn on, as from a woman's point of view, it's like the ultimate submission.

Knowing that he owns you and that you are his is part of the D/s mindset anyway, so this is no different. For me though, it's simply the name given to the activity that i like - Having him cum inside me. Not only that, with the amount of sex we have during his visits - i am usually guaranteed that i have multiple 'deposits' if you will, and i fucking love that!

Knowing he is inside me - be it pussy, ass or stomach - makes me feel so satisfied. And yet i only ever swallowed once before and that wasn't a willing interaction. I can only assume this is part of the now BDSM lifestyle i have entered that i now love such activities - or perhaps its more to do with my deep love of Daddy. That i am more than happy to carry his cum around inside me, more than i ever did before.

I guess i'll never know, but it really makes no difference. He's more than happy to fill me up and i'm ready and willing to take it like a good little whore.

** Please remember i am not advocating unsafe sex. Taking precautions is something that i make a point of teaching the teen about, however i am sharing with you my experience in a committed relationship. We both understand and accept the risks involved in all areas of our sex life. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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