Feb Photofest 2020 - Day 23

I'm having a bed day ... After i waved goodbye to the girls i was babysitting overnight i crawled back into my room, stripped off and dived into my comfy bed.

Its been a hell of a 24 hours and with Daddy kinda out of commision after a wedding yesterday, it's been a somewhat lonely day. He apologized for not having the energy to cheer me up and i reminded him that wasn't his job. 

But the more i think about it the more i realise it kinda is. He's my Daddy and my man, so when i'm sad or feeling 'meh' it kinda is up to him to help lift me back up, in the same way that i've been trying to make him smile cause he feels very rough today.

I like that he wants to, even though he has zero energy to be able to try, and him sending me a selfie so i can see his face and telling me he loves me does cheer me up.

Plus last night i got an audio message with him telling me he loves me (first time ever he recorded it) so i've been listening to that over and over while spraying his scent on my pillows.

Its as close as i can get just now to him being here with me.

Damn distance is shit!

February Photofest

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