Feb Photofest 2020 - Day 7

What do you do after you have had a long day?

Personally i like to soak in the tub, while reading a chapter or two of my book.

Then before bed, breaking out my toy box and sending myself into a post orgasmic slumber.

My favourite just now is to use my wand while i listen to the audio messages or watch the videos that Daddy sent me. Hearing him tell me how bad he wants to fuck me and seeing him play with his big cock drives me wild!

I've helped him build up quite the collection videos by me too - he said he wanted a library of his baby girl and 40 plus videos in, we've barely begun.

It is nice to have my own videos of him though, i always cum a lot faster when i watch him compared to watching porn. Everything about him excites me.

February Photofest

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