Feb Photofest 2020 - Day 24

Had somewhat of a chilled day today and got to actually chat with Daddy which makes me feel calmer.

My whole body is tense and sore though cause i'm agitated and knackered, so tonight will be all about soaking in a muscle relaxing bath.

I have been having terrible dreams recently which have been doing my head in. Mostly to do with the teen and things happening to him which upset me even thinking about it. But of late Daddy has been featuring in these dreams.

Silly things that my brain wont shut the fuck up about. Like comparisons between things he does and what my exes had done - never being able to answer the phone for example.

I have shitty timing when i try to call Daddy which is my fault ... but yesterday in my dreams, i'm replaying times when the ex didn't answer his phone to me, even though it was permanently attached to his hand, and it turned out he was ignoring me as he was with another woman.

That is a totally unfair comparison to make and i believe Daddy in my heart when he tells me i just have the worst timing when i try to call him. Still, its not something i like so will probably just stop trying to call him and just have to make do with texting till he calls me.

Just easier that way.
February Photofest

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