Importance of Collaring

There are so many things i am learning about BDSM - be it through conversation or research online or through conversations with Daddy.

One such thing is the significance of wearing a collar.

I did know that it was an important thing when i first started learning, but i didn't realise how important, so here i'm going to share what i have learned - incase you also had no idea.

After reading and talking to other subs, i've found there seems to be 4 main types of collars ...

Consideration - Training - Formal/slave - Day

A consideration collar is given with the understanding that you and your Dom are learning about each other and from now on you are strickly off limits to other doms. It is usually for a designated length of time, after which you would have a discussion to evaluate how you both feel. 

A training collar is given to a sub after the Dom has learned about their sub. This includes what they want/need from the Dom as well as their likes and dislikes. During this time the sub will be trained by their Dom in many different aspects of obedience and discipline. This level comes with higher expectations of the sub. This collar cannot be removed without the express permission by the Dom.
In the vanilla world this would be the equivalent of an engagement ring and should be taken as a promise by the Dom to dedicate the time and energy into the training of their sub. This is an important collar so many do make a special celebration of this day.

A formal/slave collar is the last collar to be given in a D/s relationship. The Dom would give their sub this collar as a way of accepting the full responsibility of their sub. This includes caring for them, protecting them and making sure all their needs are met. The sub would accept this collar as a way of agreeing to give the Dom everything they are. That they relinquish control and ownership to their Dom whole heartedly. By this stage the sub will know exactly what is expected of them and they will become an extension of their Dom. Their behaviour a direct reflection of their Doms training. Like with the training collar, only the Dom may remove or give permission for this collar to be removed.
In the vanilla world this would be the equivalent of a wedding ring and is often given during some form of special ceremony between the Dom and sub.

A day collar is given as a form of extension/alternative when wearing all other collars would be inappropriate. For example if the collar could pose a safety risk or unsuitable for work. In these circumstances there can be a substitute given, such as a necklace, bracelet etc. These can be taken as a subtle form of collaring by the Dom. They can be worn at all times so can be combined with the above collars.
Being collared has so much significance that they should not be entered into lightly. By accepting a collar you are making a commitment to your Dom and you should not just go into that on a whim.

Where we have a collar of sorts attached to a leash for play, its by no means taken as being collared. Both Daddy and i are aware this is simply a prop to play with. Its the only reason that i allow him to put it on and take it off of me. In the event he ever did decide to make this commitment to me, i would have to take it very seriously. Like i have said above, a training collar is on par to an engagement ring, so accepting one would be making that promise to be solely committed to Daddy, his training and to work towards giving myself to him mind, body and soul, becoming his perfect sub.

While this is something i do strive to do just now, it is no different to how you act in a relationship before you get engaged. The addition of the collar/ring is a symbol of commitment.

And like i said before, its not to be taken lightly.

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