Would you ever visit a sex therapist?

Of all the therapy I’m sure I need in life, I can say confidently that a sex therapist is probably the only one I wouldn’t need.

I have quite an open mind, and (in my opinion) a healthy attitude to sex. I don’t kink shame and I’m usually the one that my friends come to to discuss their bedroom antics.

Yes in the past there have been times where perhaps couples sex therapy would be of benefit, but now I’m in a relationship where I feel comfortable and confident to ask for what I want in bed. There is nothing I can’t talk to him about and that makes sex more intimate as there is a deep connection I’ve never had before.

I’m not and would never put down sex therapy though. I think people trying to improve their life should be applauded and encouraged. And sex should be enjoyed by everyone so do what you have to to make your life better.


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