Physical turn ons

Have you ever just sat and thought what is it physically that turns you on about your partner? 

Everything about Daddy turns me on but there are some parts of him, with the exception of his fabulous cock, that just do more for me.

His eyes, cause they tell a story without ever saying a word. There are times when he looks at me and I can actually see the love in his eyes. There are times he’s interacting with the teen and I can see the humour in his eyes and there are times when he looks at me and I can see the sadistic side which excited me. He gives this look that I’m gonna get such good dick that I’m instantly wet.

His beard, cause I LOVE a beard. It’s so manly and I find it soothing running my fingers though it. It’s a tactile sensation that I love, and his beard makes me feel comforted. I don’t know why, it just does.

His arms, cause they are strong and the can both give me pleasure and keep me safe. Yes, I know they could also do me harm, but I know he never would intentionally hurt me which makes me feel safer with him. They also can put me closer to him and pin me to the bed/wall/floor which makes me horny as fuck.

His tattoos, cause I love ink at the best of times but combined with the arms, seeing his muscles all decorated ... oft! Yum!

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