Am i sexually boring?

I’ve been reading a lot about people’s sexual bucket lists and I’m realising I might be kinda boring sexually. Which makes me feel kinda sad. I thought I was adventurous till I read some of what other people have got up to. There are things that don't interest me, Like fucking my way through the alphabet or sleeping with a father/son or mother/daughter combo - That feels a bit too Jeremy Kyle for me but some of the other things do sound fun.

I haven’t had sex in public, though it is on my list. I think that feeds into my primal play thing. The idea of being hunted down and taken makes me feel tingly and its definitely a huge fantasy of mine. Wither or not i'll get to do it i'm not sure, but I know Daddy is all for taking our adventures outdoors so who knows.

I've never participated in an orgy or been a swinger - nothing wrong with them but its not something I have ever really thought of. And even if I did i’m definitely not body confident for that, but I have thought about a three way before. I even contemplated if I would do one with Daddy (FFM) but the idea of having to share him makes me feel ragey so I don’t think I wanna catch a charge just so I can say I’ve be in a threesome. 

I suppose it’s down to previous partners. If I couldn’t get my partner to grab me by the throat, then the idea of fucking me in the woods would have been an instant no go. But now I have an adventurous man who is up for most things so I can see lots more daring activities in our future. 

Just now, I’m quite happy learning about BDSM and trying out lots of fun activities with that. There are things I have done, that perhaps others haven’t or that many would find out there but to me they are just fun things I’ve done with Daddy. We’ve done lots of edge play which has been kinda intense and I got a taster of CNC which was AMAZING! To most people anal is a special occasion treat whereas I absolutely love it anytime. The things I like - deep throat, fisting, anal, bondage, impact play etc, are extreme to some but to me are just part of sex.

I just have to wait and see what the future brings with Daddy and all the naughty things he has planned with his baby girl … I just have to be patient (Insert bratty tantrum here lol).

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  1. It sounds as though you're open and willing to experiment, which is the furthest thing from boring in any arena. Keep on exploring!