Supernatural spank bank

One of the hardest things about being long distance is the fact that my libido is waking back up and I don’t have my partner here to ride like a bat out of hell. I guess that’s were my extensive toy collection comes into play – quite literally.

Sexually I need to be in the right mindset though so when I start to play, I will usually come up with different stories in my head depending on my mood.

One of my regular go to’s for a quicky is to replay what I have done with Daddy and how I felt. I’ll think about how his hands felt on my body or how his lips or cock tasted. Mmmm yummy!

If I have a bit more time to play, then I go all out. Just now it’s all about the supernatural – specifically vampires, mixed with bondage. 

My favourite is imagining I’m being hunted through these woods and I find this mansion. I run inside to hide but it is the home of the vampire that is hunting me. I’m caught and fed from. I’m kept in a room as a living feeding source until one night it goes further and as I’m being fed from, I’m forcefully fucked till we both are left in a mess of blood and cum.

Gets me there every time!

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