Early days

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with Daddy as we are coming up to our 1 year anniversary. So much has changed from the beginning and it’s hard not to compare a little.

In the beginning it was all about the sex. 

Daddy would come down while the teen was at school and we would spend the entire time naked and having some form of gratification. There was so much cum and sweat I’m surprised we didn’t dehydrate. And sex was more fast paced as we had limited time. It was all about how much can we do in a limited number of hours.

It was fantastic and it was the most intense sexual experience I have ever had, but what we have now is worth so much more. 

Covid had reduced out play time for a while. The teen was home so we couldn’t do what we used to and then at the end of the summer I started to have abdominal pains that are often debilitating and Daddy working like an animal has done some form of damage to his shoulders which limits what we can do too. 

Hopefully once we are both sorted medically we can go back to our rampant cum filled sessions. Even if we didn’t though, in those days it was just sex and a bit of couple time. Now we have more couple time and I really like that. I have more trust in him than I did in the early days and there is love now which makes sex all the more intimate.

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