Sure fire turn ons and offs

The more I explore the world of BDSM, the more i'm learning new things about myself. But the things that turn me on outwith kinks has remained the same 
  • Kissing. The kind that takes your breath away makes me so horny it’s insane.
  • Smiles. One of the first things about daddy that made me realise I was in love was his smile. It goes up in one corner a little more than the other and his top lip kinda pulls in. His cheeks get this pink glow and it makes me wanna kiss him. Which feeds back to the first one.

  • Growling and moaning. Fuck me hearing a man moan is an instant panty dropper for me. Oft!

  • Beards. I like my men looking like men ... hairy face to keep my seat warm!

  • Being dominated. This one happens in the most weird ways. Not just in the bedroom. If Daddy pulls my face to his for a kiss or if we are out and about and he puts his hand on my lower back to guide me. Holy shit, it fires up my fun zone!

Turn offs have also stayed the same and are a bit more basic. 
  • If you are a dick in person, your actual dick is getting nowhere near me. I hate people who are mean for no reason to others. Do better!

  • Liers. I don’t like that shit and if you get caught (And you will) then all trust is gonna be gone. I’d rather someone be honest and we can work it out than make me look like a cunt before I find out and realise my whole life was a lie. Not cool!
I suppose they would be deal breakers if I were to be looking for another relationship - but if I have my way then i'll be with Daddy the rest of my days.

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