How do you feel about PDA?

I don’t mind PDA so long as it’s appropriate. I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but I also think that taking your kinks into the public should be done in a way that does not impact other unless they consent.

I don’t care if people are kissing in public, I just look away, but I have seen people rubbing their partners in public and that makes me cringe. If I can see you without specifically looking, others can see you and a coffee shop with families is not the place to get your jollies. I like kink but i'm also a parent and if I was sat with my child and a couple were visibly rubbing each other in public like that, I would go nuts.

Kink in public should be done discreetly which for me is part of the fun. 

On the occasions Daddy and I have been naughty in public, no one has been able to tell as it’s all been done incognito. The public walking by had no idea what we were doing and no-one was offended or potentially triggered by our play. As much as I love to touch and be touched, I know daddy would never do that in a public place where we could get caught or where non consenting participants could see.

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