How do you define “awesome” sex?

Sex is sex. Taken to its basic form it’s just penetration, which yeah can feel good. But “awesome" sex? The stuff that makes your toes curl and that gets the endorphins going? That takes some skill!

I would define awesome sex as sex that blows your mind and makes a mess of you. Where you're not able to remember your name for a few seconds afterwards and that puts you in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day.

But what works for one might not work for others.

My top 3 awesome sexual experiences were all different.

- We had been kissing for a while when his hand slipped to between my legs. He rubbed my clit till I was cumming but then didn’t stop. Mid orgasm, he slid his fingers inside me and started rubbing. I felt a pressure like I was going to explode. He kept going and made me squirt. I was a little embarrassed as I hadn’t really done that before but he just chuckled and continued to play with me, making me squirt so much my mattress was soaked on the other side and it looked like I chucked a bucket over my bed. He gave me a moment to compose myself before he pulled me over to him, pulled my legs in the air and preceded to pound me so long and hard that by the time he finally came, I could hardly move. He ran me a bath afterwards as he knew how fucked I was and sat with me while I soaked in the tub. Washing my back and just being with me.

- We were making out and he kissed his way down my body. I am usually weirded out when guys do that as I don’t like my body but he made me feel so sexy I didn't care. He kissed inside my thighs till he started to taste me. His face buried in me as his tongue made magic happen. Me still shaking, he came up and kissed me, letting me taste myself on his lips and he slid inside me. Kissing my lips and my neck as I came over and over on his cock. My arms and legs holding onto him, he told me to open my eyes and look at him as I came. He was thrusting deeper as he told me how good it felt and how much he loved me. I put my hands on his face to look in his eyes and he came at the same time as me. Afterwards I lay in his arms just content and feeling safe. Him giving me forehead kisses and I lay in my nook plating with his chest hair and listening to his heartbeat. That was moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

- I was asleep and he was behind me in bed. I was sleeping on my stomach and woke up with his fingers inside me. I tried to turn around to him but he pushed me into the bed and held me down. I started to cum and as soon as I did, he climbed between my legs and started to fuck me so intense and deep that I couldn't help but cry, as it was giving me powerful orgasms. He knew it was happy tears as I didn’t say the safe word and was probably drooling all over my pillows as I was cumming like a whore. I don’t know if it was the domination or him hitting my g spot but I squirted (first time that happened through penetration alone) and he kept telling me to "shut my mouth", which got me all the more horny. I was crying and cumming as he told me he was gonna breed me like a slut and we came at the same time. Afterwards he cuddled me as I calmed down, giving me kisses and telling me how good I did (which I fucking LOVE).

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