Spank me harder

I need to know if anyone else can come from being spanked or if it’s just me.

Daddy was staying over the other night and thanks to mother nature I couldn’t indulge in the intense play that I’ve been craving. I did get to cum though through nipple play and getting spanked.

Now the nipple stimulation I get. Him grazing his teeth against my erect nipple gives me goosebumps before he takes it into his mouth. Gently nibbling and then sucking hard sends me wild and if done right will have me shaking and moaning beside him.

But he can spank me into orgasm and that’s insane to me.

Lying on the bed with him behind me he started to rub my thigh. His hand eventually reaching my ass cheek, he lifted my nighty with one hand and used his other to grab my hair. Occasionally spanking and rubbing he started to get me worked up till I could feel that bubbling sensation inside me. Every spank making my ass sting and my pussy tingle till he started to go faster, and I just came. Holding me in place by gripping my hair with one hand and bringing me to a shaking mess with the other, every time his bare hand bounced off my ass.

I have a couple of impact play toys that I like but if this is a new kink of mine, I’m definitely gonna add to that. We have only dabbled in impact play but I definitely want more! Its funny to think that something that would be a threat as a child gets me so wet as an adult. Pinned and spanked? Yes please Daddy!

Fuck I’m getting hot and bothered just thinking about it. I have so many ideas I wanna do now too after that too. I wanna present my bare ass to him to spank and slap then feel his fingers run down my red cheeks. I want spanked till I tingle then feel hot wax dripping on my tender skin. I want him to spank me so hard I bruise then feel him fuck me from behind. The mix of pain and pleasure.

Wow I’m seriously horny right now thinking about all the naughty things I want Daddy to do to me. I want him to spank me till I scream and fuck me till I cry.

And all this from him spanking my ass. Am I the only one who gets like this?

Answers on a post card please.



  1. I like my cunt being spanked and that almost makes me cum - this is a hot post Scottish lass!
    May xx

    1. I've just discovered how much fun that is ... more so after we have played or had sex. Cause everything is swollen and tingly already, its so intense that it makes me cum. Glad i'm not the only one :) xx

  2. I hope that you found the release you were looking for. I have come from spanking alone before but that wouldn't happen often. Usually HL would touch me at the same time so I would have an orgasm but not purely from the impact. Great post! missy

    1. I swear Daddy is magic. He can make me do things and cum in ways that i've never experienced before. And yes i did get my release. I jumped Daddy when he came down before he could stop me cause i was being a brat. It was worth the wait :) xxx

  3. Unfortunately, I;ve never come form spanking alone. Although, I can see how one would. A delicious thought :)
    Thanks for linking to Mmm Mondays!