Top 3 embarrassing moments

While I’m not embarrassed about any part of my sex life, there have been some cringe worthy moments that have made even me go “Awe damn"

So here are my top 3 embarrassing experiences in no particular order.

  • I was seeing this guy for a few months. He had been talking about me playing with his ass for a while and finally got the courage to try it. So one night after dinner and a movie we got back to mine and he asked me to use a toy on him. I said that I thought we should start small, and at the time I had only 2 toys, none of which were suitable for a beginner in the butt. He agreed and while he was tugging himself, I lubed up and inserted a digit.

    I don’t know if it was his p-spot or a grenade I touched but he exploded so fast I wasn’t prepared. Neither was he. He came in his own face and was so horrified that his butt contracted and he shit on my bed. Was my first experience playing with a guys ass and it was definitely memorable.

  • This guy I was kinda seeing was going down on me. It was good but he kept moving position when I was about to come and no matter how many times I told him to go back he could never get it right and I lost my orgasm.

    This went on for a while till I got so frustrated at the build up that I grabbed his head and held it in place. Was fantastic till he pulled my legs up to get in deeper and I accidently let out a huge fart when he was tongue deep in me. And since I was holding his head in place, he assumed it was on purpose. He was so pissed off he stormed out while I waited for the ground to open up and swallow me.

    We never spoke again after that and I still cringe like fuck when I think about it.

  • When I was pregnant I was the horniest I’ve ever been in my life. But my partner was so put off my pregnant body that he never got to indulge in my high sex drive. I bought myself a new boyfriend in the form of my first rampant rabbit (which my midwife recommended when I told her about the epic cock blocking going on).

    I wasn’t ready for the orgasms it would give me, nor was my heavily pregnant body as the stimulation of cumming so hard made me piss myself. And it was pee, not my first ever squirt! I was horrified and binned the toy as I was so upset that it happened. Only when I spoke to other pregnant mums did I find out they all coughed and sneezed and pissed themselves so if only my fanny contracting did that I was the lucky one.

    Still annoyed I binned it. I think it was waterproof so I could have taken it in the shower and had a grand time.

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