Scent of Daddy

I think I’ve discovered I have a scent kink.

My olfactory sense is definitely my dominant one. While lots of people can hear or taste something and it ignites a memory or response, mine is all about smell. Different scents conjure up different emotions with me and certain smells can bring memories flooding back, positive, or negative.

Earlier this week I had to attend the hospital for a scan and the second I got a wiff of that “hospital smell”, the hairs on the back of my neck instantly stand up. I know in my mind that hospitals are good places that help people, but they have a negative association to me that I can’t shake. Walking though the corridors I could feel myself getting agitated and feeling like I really needed to leave, till I started to get warm and took my coat off. I caught the scent of Daddy and I instantly felt calm.

I have a bottle of the spray Daddy uses and every now and again I will use it as it reminds me of him and makes me feel happy. Not realising it was actually making me calm down. I was wearing a cardi that I sprayed with his scent and even with my mask on I could pick it up enough to make me feel like he was with me. He soothes me and memories of him calm my brain goblins.

I love his smell. I love the scents he uses but I love his personal musk. The pheromones that come off him when we are having sex make me horny as fuck and even his sweat doesn’t smell bad to me. It’s the strangest thing but if he’s been wearing a piece of clothing and leaves it behind, I sleep better having in near me and I will hold it next to my face when I’m masturbating so I can smell him and I cum so hard it’s amazing. He turns me on so much!

Daddy is like a walking kink for me. Everything about him ignites a positive response in my body and I don’t even have to visually see him, just smelling him is enough to make me giddy.

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