Foreplay is the best play

I love love love foreplay. There is so much you can do and for us, it’s part of our over all play, meaning a session can last hours.

My favourite types are dependent on mood.

Oral – Having him tease and tickle my clit gives a completely different sensation to touching with fingers. And when I’m close to coming, having him bury his face in my and devour me like a cake is mind blowing. If he adds fingers inside me? I’m gonna cum so hard, he’s gonna be drinking me. Taking him in my mouth makes me feel powerful as fuck. Hearing him moan and groan as I tease his head with my tongue. Working my way down till he’s hitting the back of my throat and my nose is against his pubic bone. Choking on his big thick cock as he grabs my hair, playing with his balls as be moans and sucking his soul out of him till he can’t stand it anymore? Yes please!

Sensory play – being tied to the bed and restricted as he does with my body what he pleases. Feeling him touch me inside and out, his hands on my skin or tracing my curves with different things giving me different sensations. Hot wax, cold perfume bottle, pointy tweezers, his nails, the softness of his palms or his lips kidding my skin. Oft!

When we first started out together we had hours to play and 90% of it was foreplay. Even after he fucked me senseless and came, he would go back to more foreplay. 

I do miss those days and hopefully once his back is sorted and I get my abdomen fixed we can go back to the occasional intense session again. 

Awe there was so much cum!

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