Using my initiative

Long distance relationships are hard. Fact!

And with this Coronavirus being a grade A cunt, there is a very high chance that my contact with Daddy will be all the more limited.

So how can i make sure Daddy and i get ample time together - apart? Well i need to use my initiative.

  • We regularly have naughty talk - I could be going for a bath and i'll take a snap of me naked inviting him to join me. I think about him all the time so i might be sat on the sofa, then remember the time that he ate me out, making me cum so hard and literally drinking me in. It would be rude not to share that memory with him.
  • A picture paints a thousand words - Where i share the occasional snap of me on here, these are pics that you could see if i was to go to the beach with you. Daddy on the other hand gets the unedited, highly graphic versions. Not entirely sure why but he loves them so i don't mind sending a cheeky pussy pic to make his day a little better.
  • Be his own personal porn star - When Daddy and i first got together, he told me that he wants to build his own personal library of his baby girl. And i have agreed - I've made him 60 plus videos of me and he still wants more. I play pretend that he has plenty and doesn't need more but the reality is i LOVE knowing that he is watching me play. He watches me and gets turned on enough to wank over my videos - How is that not a massive ego boost! Plus he was down visiting yesterday and we made a video together. First time i've ever watched myself have sex and i gotta say, it makes me so horny watching him fuck me stupid for a solid 10 minutes before i make him blow inside me. Now i can play while watching him too. Yum!
  • I involve him in my day - This will be quite restricted now we are all on lock down as such, but if i was in town and saw something that was funny or something i thought he would like to see, id send a pic or i'd send a random text. Quite often he will ask what i'm up to and i ask him. Means we can be involved in each others lives while we are apart.
  • Little challenges - Distance means we have to get really creative with our D/s side. Daddy will often set me little challenges - cum every hour from noon till midnight and send a video. Take a nude every hour from X till Y. Go into town wearing a butt plug. I love when Daddy sets me little challenges cause it makes me feel close to him, i feel like he's still able to dominate me even though he is not here with me.
  • Actually talk to each other when we can - This one is super important to me, though i have to wait for him to call me which can get frustrating. We chat throughout the day every day via text but he has been calling a lot more which i love. I love hearing his voice and it makes me feel close to him. I need that kind of connection with my partner, regardless of whether it is a D/s relationship so i appreciate the effort he puts in.

With the possible restrictions on us due to his job and the current pandemic, it's all the more important that we try to keep the relationship a priority. We don't have the luxury of just spending time together chilling at night together. In a long distance relationship you have to work to make it work.

And i want this to work!



  1. You have some great ideas in play here - I can tell u are determined to make it work. Good luck and wishes to u
    May More

  2. Oh i definitely am. I think I've found the love of my life so there is no way in hell i'm giving him up xx