Early morning fuck toy - Erotica

The sun starts to creep into the room through the part open blinds.

On her side, she stretches her leg and feels Daddy a little further behind her. It must be too early to get up. She was still quite sleepy. She snuggles into her pillow, her foot still touching his, as she feels the mattress move. Lying still she can feel him turn towards her. His arm under the cover reaching over, encompassing her waist as he pulls her over to him. 

His chest warm against her back, she settles in again, ready to fall back into a cosy sleep in his arms. 

Daddy has other ideas.

His hand moves from her hips to her throat before she has a chance to think. His grip around her neck as he moves his head to hers. Kissing her shoulder as he holds her in place. Too scared to move in case he stopped, she lay there, the sleepy lust starting to build.

His hand begins to drop, moving to her full breast, his lips to her neck. Feeling his hard cock by her ass as she began to grind against him.

His hand moves further down till reaches her legs.


Her top leg is now over his as his hand gently brushes across her pubic hair. His fingers dancing across her pussy lips till he reached her warm slit. His fingers delved inside, feeling her warm wetness for him. Her pussy giving away just how desperate she was for him.

She turns to lie on her back so she can kiss him but he's not feeling lovey this morning. He too has a need. And she will fulfil it regardless.

With one hand teasing her clit, he uses the other to grab her hair and pull her back onto her side. Faster and faster his fingers move as her breathing quickens. Kissing her shoulder again as she starts to cum for him. His fingers sliding over her clit as her juices start to flow. Her breathing starting to level out as she twitches in the after waves of cumming. His cock pulsating at her ass as he reaches down and rubs his cock along her wet cunt.

In one movement he thrusts inside her, her sleepy moans as he gives her every inch of his big thick cock spurring him on. Still holding her hair, he begins to fuck his baby girl. Her voluptuous ass bouncing against him as he pounds her deep. Her pussy tightening around his shaft as she starts to twitch again. Another orgasm building inside her, tightening around him. Her leg starts to jerk as she beings to cum over his bare cock. Her body shaking as he continues to feed his cock into her soaking hole. Using her as his own personal fuck toy, not stopping while she moans next to him.

Enjoying the post orgasm waves, she reaches back to touch him as he continues to slowly slide in and out of her. Her hand resting on his hip however, sending him into an almost rage.

He doesn't want to be nice. He doesn't want a sensual time. He wants to destroy her.

He grabs her arm as he pulls out of her, pushing her forward so she is on her stomach. He's not in the mood to be gentle. He's in the mood to use and abuse.

With one hand on the back of her neck he uses the other to guide his cock back into his wet fuck toy. Firmly he slams straight into her, her ass cheeks bouncing against him as she feels him stretching her walls. Violently he thrusts into her till he can feel her start to twitch again. Her pussy getting tighter as he kept her pinned by the neck. As she cums, her hips start to buck. She can't take it anymore and lets out a loud moan. Her hips moving higher as she cum, he grabs hold of them, using them to build more momentum. No break between orgasms this time, he keeps pounding. Her pussy starting to ache as his pre-cum adds to the wet mess between her thighs.

He starts to groan, making her all the more turned on as she feels yet another orgasm build. His fingers digging into her hips giving her both pleasure and streaks of pain as she takes every inch of him inside her. His thrusts getting faster and deeper telling her he's going to cum. She begs him to cum inside her, her tender pussy waiting for him to blow as her body starts to twitch again. He pulls her hips higher as he starts to feel his own release coming. Her body twitching beneath him as he beats his thick cock into her. His dirty little whore, ready to take every drop of his hot cum. 

"Please Daddy, I can't take anymore" she pleads as she starts to shake. Her pussy fucked so raw, her body getting pounded into the mattress. Not slowing between each orgasm, she doesn't have time to think before the next one starts. She goes to push herself up with her hands, but he grabs her neck and forces her back down. Faster and deeper he goes, her body shaking, his hand gripping her neck he starts to cum, his legs shaking as he fucks her deep. His cum pumping out his dick, straight into his cum dump. His cock so deep, he sprays straight into her cervix. Making sure every last drop is left inside her as she starts to pant below him. 

He slowly pulls out.

His cock glistening as she is left in a pounded puddle of cum and sweat.

Lying next to her he turns on his side and starts kissing and shoulder. Mean Daddy was left inside her with every drop of his spunk. Nice Daddy was here now, pulling her close to him and kissing her forehead as she shakes in his arms.

"Morning baby girl ".


  1. This is most definitely a wonderful way to be woken and start the day. Sexy read!
    ~ Marie

  2. Love this, so primal and need fueled. Great post

    1. The best sex is primal. Taking whats yours. Its my favourite at least xx

  3. Replies
    1. Much better than an alarm clock waking you up lol xx

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