Let's chat about Edge play

Edge play is thought of as an activity that pushes the boundaries of what can be considered "safe" into more potentially extreme kinks such as knife play, breathe play etc.

While yes these activities do carry potential dangers, this is often part of the excitement and so long as you partake responsibly, there should be not reason why you can't enjoy them.

As with everything, consent is key. Nothing that is done with a BDSM scene should be done without prior agreement. And safe words, especially when trying out new kinks, will allow you and your playmate to identify when you need to stop without any doubt. This is especially important if you are partaking in the first play I wanna talk about.

Consensual non consent (CNC) is the name given to what is often called "rape play". While there is a huge stigma attached to that word (and quite rightly so) the act of being forced and taken against your will is actually quite popular in the BDSM community. The huge difference being that it has been previously consented to. This is actually one of the biggest fantasies i've had for years bit when I asked my ex to indulge it was met with such hurtful belittlement that I didn't dare bring it up again till I met Daddy. There are certain things we do that could be construed as CNC - being dragged across the bed and throat fucked for example, which is a massive turn on when, especially during punishment, but it can go as far as scenarios involving breaking in to your home and grabbing you at night or if agreed, I have heard of kidnapping scenarios where you are taken off the street or grabbed during a walk in the woods and 'attacked'. Whichever scene tickles your fancy, there is no shame in as you are two consenting adults and you discuss any potential risks.

*side note should outside be your thing, make sure your do so away from everyone else and same with being snatched of the street. The aim is a satisfying sexual experience, not to catch a charge!

Wax play
This is one of my favourites. It is exactly as you would think, using was during a scene. More specifically the dripping of wax on your body. This is really up to you and your playmate where you would experience this - you can have it drip on larger sections of your body I.e back, stomach, legs. Or you can have it dripped on more sensitive areas I.e nipples, dick and/or balls, pussy.

Whichever you choose it is important that you use wax that is safe when it comes into contact with the skin and that you don't cause permanent damage (thinking more about genitals here). I've only ever experienced it on my back, both times right after being fucked into a gooey mess so the wax dripping on my back while I was still twitching and tingly made for an amazing sensation and got me all horny again. 

This one does require a bit of pre thought in terms of clean up. Wax is a bitch to get out if carpets and bedding so planning ahead is a good idea. Plus if you have pubic hair be prepared to comb that out cause when dried your gonna have some tangles.

Knife play
This one is new to me as I've only slightly experienced it with the point of sharper scissors but I do see the attraction. This kink is as direct as the title. Involves using a knife (though any kinda blade would work) in order to bring an extreme element to play. This can be done by threatening violence i.e folding the blade at their skin threatening to cut them if they don't do as you say or used simply to intimidate I.e dragging the flat if the blade across their body. Having only experienced it during our last play, I will admit it does get your attention. Obviously bringing blades into the bedroom has many potentials for mistake so if your both inexperienced then start small. A butter knife for example.

Yeah the danger element is a little dulled but it's better to start small then to just go straight in wielding a machete and someone loses a nipple!

Breath play
I LOVE this! And it's actually one of the things that made me take a closer look at BDSM in the first place. Breath play is the act of having your breathing restricted during play. While it is, in my opinion the more dangerous of the plays, when done properly it's an amazing sensation. There is a reason people do it during masturbation (asphyxi-wanking) but yes it can go horribly wrong. So care and attention is needed.

There are many ways you can restrict breathing. My favourite is when Daddy used his hand as it's such a huge turn on for me. But you can use implements such a belt or choker. Never ever under any circumstances should you be left alone, or leave your playmate alone during this!!

One of the ways we play is Daddy will restrict my breathing though holding my throat. Usually during sex but he has on occasion grabbed me by the throat to get my attention. And he most definitely gets it. Holding the sides of the throat is the safer option and in my experience more comfortable. I have felt him hold the front of my throat, carefully controlled as it's easy to damage your windpipe that way and it's a totally different sensation. Personally I don't like it as much as it makes me dizzy too quick which triggers my panic response before I can stop myself. When he grips the sides, the dizzy builds and I have time to think and control my reaction. 

The key to breath play is that you are just restricting, not trying to stop it completely. Your trying to tighten sexual experience, not catch a murder charge. Like I said before it definitely more dangerous but if you pay attention it is safe enough. I'm told there are indicators that the one in charge can look out for. Daddy usually watches my face when we do this, even if he's playing with me at the same time, he focuses on my face as soon as his hand goes round my neck. This is so he can watch my eyes, my colour and my reaction as it's hard to say a safe word when I'm being choked. He knows when to let go so that I don't pass out. He's also has managed to time it to grab my throat as an orgasm builds and releases just as I cum which for me almost sends me into a mini shock and makes that orgasm intense as fuck! It does burn you out really quick though so remember to take time between or you might pass out anyway.

While i didn't see this as a form of edge play as it's so common, I was discussing it with others and they are right when they said it comes with risks which put it in that category. 

The most serious of which being STDs. While you can get oral contraception that can safeguard against pregnancy, STIs can be transmitted through oral and anal play as well so there is more ways to get infected that there is to get knocked up. 

Diseases are a part of life. People catch things all the time - colds and flu, conjunctivitis is a fun one of you have kids, tummy bugs etc, but sextally transmitted nasties can be prevented if you wrap up. If you want to engage in bareback though there is no harm so long as you both make sure you are all clear. I'm not 100% on how the fellas get tested but ladies it's as simple as a swap and a sample. I went for my first STI test at the summer after I found out my ex was cheating as we were trying for a baby, so I wanted to make sure I was ok. The nurse was as nice as can be and I got my test alongside my smear - No extra hassle to me and no judgment from her. 

It's a 2 minute thing that once back all clear can allow you to have endless fun being filled to the brim with cum. And as far as I'm aware, most STDs are fixed with a course of antibiotics so even if you do have something, it's hopefully easily fixed. 

Going bareback fits with our play as both of us love it. I love feeling him blow inside me, filling up his little fuck toy, and he loves cumming inside me as he's marking me as his, plus I'll have him inside me for days which is hot as fuck for us. I knew this as a breeding fetish but I guess whatever you call it it's got its risks like other forms of edge play.

Remember there are so many other types of edge play and I do recommend if you are new to BDSM or a type of play in general, that you read up on things before you indulge. Twitter for me has been a huge help as it gives me the opportunity to talk to so many more experienced people for advice as well as some fantastic people who make you feel so welcome joining their world.

If you wanna join in on the chat feel free to tag me in a tweet @scottishlasssub



  1. Thank you for sharing with Tell Me About, I enjoyed reading this and loved the way you explained each play.

    Sweetgirl x

    1. Thanks for reading ... I'm looking forward to trying out new types of edge play in the future xx

  2. Glad you added the bit about being tested. I am so with that - especially for the young. Good advice

    1. Most definitely - its so important and there is such a stigma about it which is really unsafe.

      I'm all for safe and fun play even in BDSM xx

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