Daddy's good girl - Erotica

Stood by the edge of the bed, she felt the anticipation start to build. At any moment he would be here and it would all begin.

Soft satin of her night dress clinging to her breasts as her breathing quickens. She can hear him ascending the stairs. The excitement coursing through her. Her nipples becoming erect at the very idea of him touching her breasts. The wetness slowly growing between her thighs in the same anticipation.

She daren't turn round as she hears the door open. She know the rules. Daddy told her to stand by the edge of the bed and wait, looking forward at all times. Sometimes it's fun to break the rules. She knows this, but tonight when Daddy told her to go wait for him, there was something in his voice. She wasn't sure if it was frustration from his day or if she was just overly cautious but she knew tonight she needed to be a good girl, as he was in a mean mood. Trying to soften her breath, she can feel her skin start to goosebump as she waits.

His hands gently caress her hips. A sharp inhale of breath at his touch tells him how much she had longed for this. A smirk growing on his face as he knows she is going to be begging him tonight. His obedient little whore. He knows that she is ready for him. He's going to break her.

"Close your eyes baby girl". And she does so, willingly. Feeling the soft fabric against her face as he ties the blindfold tight to her head. His hands resting on her shoulders as she hears his calm breathing by her ear.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes Daddy"

His hand traveling up her outer thigh, he can feel the goosebumps growing on her soft skin. The soft fabric of her night dress gathering as he reaches her hip. She is so precious to him. His perfect girl. Waiting with bated breath for her first command.

As he kisses the nape of her neck, taking in the scent if her. A mix of coconut and longing. Feeling her slowly yield to him as he slowly slides the pitiful straps off her shoulders. He wants to see her. All of her. All that he owns. As the nighty falls to her feet he begins kissing his way round to the base of her neck. Her head gently falling forward as he kisses his way across her shoulders. His hands stroking every curve of her body as his lips gently tease her skin.

She reaches her hands behind her, touching his thigh. Her desperation for him becoming all the more obvious. Buts she didn't ask permission.

He instantly steps back from her.

Her hands grasping at the air as she realised her error. "I'm sorry Daddy" she pleaded, knowing there are always repercussions.

"Did you ask baby girl?"

Silent as she drops her head. Knowing she messed up.

"No Daddy" her voice almost a whisper.

"No you didn't baby girl. I see your going to be disobedient tonight". He smirked. Although his voice stern and forceful, inside he was delighted to be able to punish her. Her little moans and the quickening of her breath like music to his ears.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I didn't mean ..." she's interrupted by his hand on the back of her neck. His grip, tight and controlling he pushes her forward. Her hands reaching out for the bed to catch herself. His hand releasing her neck as she stayed bent over. Presenting herself to him.

He steps back and looks at her. His property. Her full round ass waiting for him. In between her thighs he can see her pussy glistening. She's wet for him. Her longing all the more obvious as she's bent over.

She waits patiently. Unsure of the specifics of her punishment. Then she hears it. The click of the box lid. He's opening the toy chest. Her body tenses. Knowing full well what's inside that box.

"Do you remember your word baby girl" he asks, knowing full well she does. He also knows she's listening and wants to muffle the noise as he selects his first toy.

"Yes Daddy" her voice shaky. He reaches for the paddle. The smile stretched across his face as he walks back to her. "Countdown from 5. Nice and loud for me"


"Oww 5" ...

"Im sorry, was that a moan? I said count, not complain"

"I'm sorry Daddy"

"Disobedience ..."

"Leads to punishment Daddy"

"That's right baby girl. One way or another you are going to learn"

Her legs start to shake. The muscles in her butt cheek starting to throb from the sudden, sharp pain.

"Start again baby girl"


She bites her lip, doing anything to control her yelps. "5"


The same cheek. "4" Her thigh tightening as the nerves on her ass start to sing. The blood starting to run to the site of his punishment.


Her knee buckles. "3" she yells as she quickly straighten her leg. Her hands gripping the bedsheets in anticipation of his next swot.

Instead she feels his hand caress her tender skin. His fingers dancing across her cheek as she instantly relaxes beneath them.

"Such a good girl ... and look at that beautiful red ass"


This time the left cheek. A fresh sting makes its way across her skin.

"2" she whimpers. Her skin feeling cold yet burning at the same time.


"ONE" she yells, unable to control her voice any longer. That last one hurt and he knew it. But she didn't mind. On the contrary she actually liked it. The sudden rush of feeling coursing through her. The pain, the excitement, the anticipation. She knew, as did he that this is what she needed. She needed to be dominated. She needed to be hurt.

He tossed the paddle onto the bed as he moved behind her again. His hands on her tights, feeling the shaking. "Kneel on the bed baby girl". She does so nervously. The muscles still contacting, making any movement pull at her aching skin.

He traces his finger down her spine. Feeling every ridge as she every so slightly contorts her body.

He kneels behind her, his hands fluttering over her tender ass as he leans forward, ready to taste his baby girl.

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