Denying the submissive

His hand between your legs, feeling your body just ache for him as your lips taste his. Your breathing getting heavier as his touch starts to intensify. Your pussy starting to get wetter as you are about to reach that beautiful, glorious release. Your just at the cusp of sheer pleasure ... then he moves his hand away. Your orgasmic build up just at that pivotal moment, starting to dwain as he gives you that pleased look.

Sound familiar?

Welcome to the torturous world of orgasm denial.

This was one of the first punishments i ever received from Daddy. Which was horrible to endure, though in terms of punishment was five star. As a nympho it makes me feral when he gets me so worked up and then stops dead. It fucking sucks!

Denial as a punishment seems common place in D/s relationships. Specifically in mine there are a few i have experienced, such as orgasm denial ... which i fucking hate!

I don't think it would be as bad if he started out like that but he always gave me a few beautiful orgasms before hand, letting my body start to build up and build up and then he turns into mean Daddy and while i'm amped up at 11 - he stops dead. I have been known to actually burst out screaming after the 3rd or 4th time cause it starts to get uncomfortably frustrating. But then if i insist on being a bad girl, i will get punished.

Another form of denial Daddy has dabbled in is ignoring me. 

Now i want to be clear on this as ignoring your little is actually so hurtful to them - don't do that unless you have both discussed and agreed it first hand. When Daddy ignores me, he is with me at the time. It is NEVER done over distance as Daddy knows that is less punishment and more torturous for my mental health, but at the same time i don't like it. The point seems to be to teach me patience - of which i have very little when it comes to Daddy. In parent mode i have the patience of a saint, but when it comes to Daddy, im so addicted to him that i do find it difficult to control myself at times. So if he gives me that look, then goes on his phone for no real reason, i have to suck up my petted lip and just wait. Its actually not that difficult as my ex used to have his phone permanently attached to his hand and regularly ignored me, but when daddy does if for anything other than work reasons, it makes me feel agitated and i need to control the inner brat. Again, in terms of teaching patience - it does work.

Denial as a punishment is quite a treacherous road, at least for me. As this relationship progresses, i feel myself become more and more clingy to Daddy. This makes being ignored kinda iffy for me as having mental illness' can make things a little off balance. This is where i need to be open with him, if im having a bad day, he needs to know so he can alter any punishments needed accordingly. If i'm in a pissy mood and he was to ignore me, i would just walk away in a strop, defeating the purpose of the punishment, or making it all worse. If i was feeling really emotional that day and he was to deny me an orgasm, i would most definitely burst into tears which might scare the shit out of him as he wouldn't expect it.

Being with a submissive who has mental health issues isn't impossible but it does have its extra steps that need to be taken, However being with a sub like me also gives you the extra security of knowing i worship the ground my Dom walks on, i would bend over backwards to make him happy and i love him unconditionally. 

And that is all for Daddy.

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