I'm going slightly mad

Homemade brownies with strawberries - YUM!!
Its day 13 of our social isolation and I totally get why Tom Hanks made his own sex toy out of a ball on that island. Sometimes you just need a face to talk to when you fuck.

I’m stuck between feeling lonely and not having any time to myself which is so confusing even to me.

As a nympho, I struggle with no sex at the best of times but on the rare chance that Daddy can come see me, I am very aware that my womb goblin is lurking in his bog of eternal stench that is the male teens room, playing Xbox and farting.

Even cracking open my toy box is becoming a military operation, as apparently all rules go out the window during lock down. He walks in when he needs something rather than knocking, he insists on shouting me every 2 minutes asking if I’m shouting for him or moving about during the day light hours like some kind of normal person - ick - so I can’t play as it’s hard to switch off parent mode.

It’s going to make Daddy’s 20 five minute video challenge tomorrow an actual nightmare - or he might be setting me up to fail and be able to administer yet more orgasm denial punishments. I can see me bursting into tears again tomorrow, I really can.

I need human contact that doesn't include use of the words "Minecraft", "Yugioh", or any eye rolling cause I have the nerve to make him to homework like nurse Ratchet type mother fucker.

I need Daddy, I need broken so I can reset and I need a personal trainer cause this lock down is proving I have no restraint when it comes to chocolate anymore - though that endorphin thing is a total lie - I don’t feel happier at all!!

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