Whips and chains and cuffs, oh my

There is almost an erotic element to shopping with Daddy and I have no idea what to do about it.

We took a trip into the real world for supplies – and cause I have been out the parameters of my house and garden exactly 4 times total since mid-March. I managed two shops before I stared to get a bit uneasy which is really good considering – and I got more watercolour paper to keep me going which helps with my mental health too.

It was during the last shop though that I started to feel myself blush. 

I had though perhaps it was since the last time I was in there; Daddy was with me and I had an ample butt plug moving inside me. We had the most erotic sex prior to leaving home so I was seriously worked up already, and he was whispering filthy things in my ear the whole time. Hot as fuck by the way but I digress. This time he was on his semi good behaviour, but everything was making me think naughty. I found the paper I needed and was starting to get irritated with people coming really close to me (2 meters dickheads) but Daddy was there with his arm around me and kissing my shoulder so I could feel him there, grounding me and keeping me calm.

I wonder what pictures I could draw on his naked body with that poster paint – where the fuck did that come from. Behave yourself Miss S.

We continued walking about. He was looking for something for his car, so we went over to the tools section to look. Lots of different tools for different things. And I discovered some companies have the balls to charge £5 for a car air freshener.

I wonder what I could to attach those chains to my bed as restraints – Fuck sake, you need to calm down.

Oh look cable ties – right you need to keep your mouth shut as he will take that as a green light.

We didn’t find what he needed but had made our way round to the pet section. He has my hand, so we are always touching. He’s grounding me and letting me know he is there while I can alert him to my needing help without anyone being any the wiser. It is a system we have almost accidentally fallen into but it works.

He looks at the dog cages and shoots me this smirk that I swear made my pants redundant by that point. I spent the rest of that section wondering what it would be like to be made to stay in a cage, what it would be like to wear a collar and thinking of all the ways we could make doggy style more naughty – I came up with 3 FYI. 

I spent the remainder of the time in there looking at everything in a different light. Would that feel good going across my ass? How can I adapt that as a restraint? Could that work for sensory play? By the time we got back to the car I was debating what I would need to turn my bedroom into a dungeon and how much pressure my door-frame could handle before its damaged.

I don’t know what it is about him, but he just makes me so horny all the time. Where I used to have to compartmentalise that part of myself for the bedroom only. He’s opened up this whole other world to me that was right on my doorstep. Literally depending on how quiet we could be round the backdoor.

Where before I had sex in my bedroom and bathroom, we are discussing talking it on the road (in a manner of speaking). While sex was basic vanilla before, he’s bringing the ice-cream cart. Its so different and so amazing that I want to explore all these different things with him, and I know he’ll let me.

He’s the wizard of my orgasm and my ruby slippers are clicking on the headboard.

We ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

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