Is 3 the magic number?

Very rarely do I check my Twitter DMs these days. After issuing a warning that all future dick pics would be shared and tagged, the cock shots thankfully dried up. But they were replaced with weird chat up messages and vulgarity. I got tired of it so I just stopped looking and when I have a moment of boredom I will go through and delete in bulk.

There are the occasional nice messages however. I get some from other subs saying they wish they had a Daddy like mine (I know, it’s he fab!) and some about pictures of my artwork I share. Your complements give me an over inflated ego so cheers. But I never reply cause I’ve been stung to much before with guys thinking it’s a clever round about way into my knickers. I know not every person would be like this, but it has happened so much that I just don’t bother. Sorry peeps.

Today though while I was soaking in the tub and decided to do a mass delete, I found a question that got the brain thinking. “Would my Daddy be willing to share me?” My first reaction was “away and fuck yourself" till I realised it was from a woman. As flattered as I was, I would still reject that offer as Daddy isn’t one to share and to be honest, I wouldn’t want him to. A 3 way is something he has expressed an interest in however and it’s something I have thought about, to the point I added a clause in our contract. And if I were to share, I think it would have to be with another woman.

I know some women are asking “why another woman when you can have 2 cocks” ... but that is exactly all it would be. Another cock. And if I really wanted to, I could have a gang bang every night with or without Daddy here as I have a whole ottoman full of replica willies. For me it’s not about the dick. It’s about the guy behind it. My biggest sexual organ is my brain. If you can get into that then I’m putty in your hands. Otherwise its simply friction between our sexual organs. I’m not saying that won’t feel pleasant, but to really make it worth my time and effort, I need more.

80% of the play Daddy and I have doesn’t involve his cock penetrating me. We kiss and touch and taste. We explore and enjoy each other. It is a whole-body experience which makes me tingle right down to my toes. His hands on me, be it on my face or travelling down my body sends me crazy. When he talks it drives me wild and when he kisses me, I’m completely his.

He has control over his property and has free reign (within reason) which he enjoys and I get to hand over the power to him and get taken out of my head for a bit which, when accompanied by multiple orgasms, is amazing. Usually only after we play for a while do we have sex and even then just cause he has fucked me doesn’t mean he’s gonna cum. He saves that for when he’s ready. When he’s done playing which can be hours later.

That’s why things like the 20-video challenge are (usually) a walk in the park. He can make me come well into the double digits on days when we were alone. It’s being in lock down with the teen that a making it a little more problematic.

So, the addition of another cock doesn’t really interest me. However, the addition of another woman actually does. Women are beautiful creatures with all their lumps and bumps. I have often fantasied about having a pet for a night and it’s always a woman. The idea of sex with another woman doesn’t make me feel as weird as the idea of having sex with another man does. Somehow, even with Daddy present it doesn’t really interest me. But my own kitten to play with? That I can tease and control. That I am interested in.

What trips me up though is the idea of Daddy being with her too. It makes me feel a bit queasy thinking of him having sex with another woman. Having her feel the same intense pleasure he gives me. Seeing her beg him for more – cause I know she would. He’s magic for fuck sake. She’s gonna want as much as her body can take, and I know he can provide. But that’s my Daddy! I don’t want him to give away my rewards. I don’t want to see him give another woman my good dick. That’s mine and I am more than prepared to flip my bitch switch on someone who is taking it.

I know that seems hypocritical of me and it probably is. Though if Daddy told me he wanted to sample a guy then I wouldn’t have an issue with that. I would be with him so it’s all good with me but I know that if I was to ask to play with a pet, Daddy would struggle just sitting at the side watching. And I don’t blame him. Is baby girl can be highly creative and if I know he’s watching I’m gonna try everything I can to wind him up and make him extra horny. That’s my right as a brat dag-nabbit and I’ll take the punishment that that would incite, but it would be cruel of me to say “you can look but you can’t touch“ cause I know that’s on his list. I know he wants to, so me stopping him would be a shitty move on my part.

Perhaps I will just need to leave that one in the spank bank for the time being. Perhaps in the future when I feel more secure in my relationship, I could explore it further. But until then he’s all mine and like Joe who doesn’t share food, S doesn’t share her unicorn!

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