Discovery of Erotic photography

1940’s America gave birth to the term “camera club”, as a round about to the laws on taking nude photos. The late great Ms. Bettie Page would become the "queen of pin-ups" during this time and thus helped bring about the art of erotic photography. 

Bettie Page
I have always loved the good old days. Where the women were stunningly beautiful, the lingerie was functional as well as pretty and the poses where a little more creative than simply bending over with legs spread wide. I remember growing up finding my fathers porno magazines under his mattress and I was fascinated. Not because I was sexually attracted or anything, but because these women were so confident in their bodies and they looked perfect. 

My favourite of his magazines was the Playboy ones, as they, unlike the others had sets and different poses that complemented the body. Women posing behind a chair, their legs pointed up in the air to extenuate them. Their sexual organs not even on display at that point. The photographer using her body to tease the viewer. Even when they were showing a breast it would be almost playfully so. A cheeky nipple peaking from behind a sheer negligee. 

For years I wanted to be a playboy photographer. I wanted to create these beautiful photos that celebrated women for the glorious creatures they are. This horrified my family and I was guided into more acceptable career goals but it never stopped me enjoying the art form.

Dita Von Teese
I have never been one of these women who find pornography repugnant. It didn’t bother me in the slightest when I would find out a partner had magazines or was watching videos. It wasn’t of anyone they knew, so there was no harm. And I was fascinated. I would often look with them, asking their opinion of things and from there, if they were willing, I would have an open discussion about lots of things. I had these conversations with friends too. Interestingly getting the perspective of both my male and female friends on pornography and erotica.

It was in my teens that I discovered Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese. Women who looked so beautiful they were almost not real. But that’s just it. They were real. They weren’t the tanned, blonde women I was used to seeing in porn. They were pale and dark haired like me (though Ms Von Teese a natural blonde). They were women i could relate to. Women with curves and shock horror, pubic hair. I also think looking back that that was the first time I really discovered what bondage was and that there were other fetishes out there. Little did I know how much I would come to crave such acts in later life, but we live and learn. 

Bettie Page - 50's "smut" depicting bondage and spanking

I remember saving images I found of Bettie Page on the family computer, hidden away as if it was a dirty secret to have images of a woman in her underwear being tied up. Not realising that I had fallen into the preconceived notion that an erotic photo was bad to have. When in reality, minus the ropes, she was wearing more than I could see on page 3 of the newspaper so easily. From a young age (maybe 11 or 12) I understood the beauty I was seeing. I saw it as something beyond the masturbatory aid it was designed for.  I still have the Burlesque book by Von Teese that I received when I was 18. And I still enjoy the beauty of her vintage looks and glamour, a long-lost art almost. 

Dita Von Teese - Vintage inspired bondage

I have always been a fan of photography and growing up that developed into many different forms. I have taken pictures of scenery. I have taken photos of family and friends at parties and events, and I have been asked to take erotic photographs of people too. All female I will say, usually as a photo they would send their partner of them in a pretty outfit, their boobs just happen to be out. Big deal! I have also taken photographs of myself for partners. One thing that my Dom enjoys is seeing my body – His property – in its many different forms. And while I don’t have the same luxury I have gifted others by way of taking flattering pictures for them, I do the best with what I can. 

Half a tease
The female form is beautiful with all its lumps, bumps, and perceived imperfections and if a woman wishes to show off her body then that is her choice and it’s a choice, we as women have earned. Erotic photography is an art like any other and should be celebrated for that. Long gone are the days where it was just something to add to the spank bank. Now erotic photos can be used to empower the subject and find beauty in themselves too. Be it dressing up or full nude. It is artistic expression. 

There is something to be said though for the retro style of erotica. Perhaps though that’s just my preference … And that’s one of the joys of life. Its so diverse that we can all indulge in what we prefer, and we don’t have to pretend to be in a club to take a nude anymore either.

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  1. I think the kind of eroticism you describe is often more sensual and sexy than an image of exposed sex organs, although each has its place. This is a well thought out piece and I enjoyed reading it, thank you 😊

    1. I agree each has a place and its good that we have the ability to have a variety of eroticism. We are definitely in a more open and sexually free time. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Nudes are indeed beautiful and the human body should be celebrated, in all of its forms. Lovely read and picture.

  3. I enjoyed your post. Every woman is a Bettie or a Dita.

  4. I love this post. Pictures of Betty Page, black and white, not polished like today's typical photo, were the ones when I thought bondage was OK. If someone had take these pictures decades ago, and now they are 'iconic', it was a very liberating feeling. I think that's when I lost my inhibitions, which are more mental than physical. I'm glad you're taking pictures, they are beautiful and provocative!

    1. For me there is something about black and white photos. They make you focus on the subject more. Although that was the standard in those days, I feel like it adds to the whole experience. Especially now that photography, erotic or otherwise, is so mainstream.

      Thanks for stopping by and i'm glad you liked the post xx

  5. Oh wonderful post - All the images are great. I too love looking at naked woman and women tied up! I think photography is such a wonderful artistic medium and wish I knew more about it really. I feel I have a good eye but am too impatient to learn all the technicalities of a good camera
    May x

  6. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed hearing about your relationship with photography over the years and completely agree about the burlesque images and the eroticism and beauty of them. I love some of the ones you have included here. :)

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