Pure joy

Every part of me aches today. But in a good way.

I can almost feel his fingertips on my body still. My skin remembers his hands, my lips still feel the warmth of his breath. My soul still feels the electricity from being in his presence.

I was taken into my sub space yesterday. I experienced ecstasy so intense I couldn’t control myself. Afterwards I wept in his arms, floating in this feeling of spectacular release. Something I have craved for the longest time.

I don’t just want Daddy. I need him. My longing for him is so strong that I often struggle with the distance between us. As unpleasant the analogy may be, I am addicted to him. Him and the feelings he induces in me. Pure unfiltered happiness.

Everything about him makes me happy. From the mundane things where we go food shopping to the moment like last night where I collapse after a day of passion, falling into a cummy coma, and waking up in his arms.

“Don’t go away”

That’s the first thing I heard as I sleepily woke up this morning. He asked me, or told me, as he pulled me close, his arms around me. “Don’t go away”. When the reality is, I would give anything to never have to leave his side again. I rolled over and told him “never” which is the gods honest truth as far as I can say. Never will I go away from him. We share such an amazing connection. A bond, that I have never shared with anyone before. I know I’m a little insane at times, but even I’m not crazy enough to give that up. That’s the stuff of fairy tales. He’s my perfect match and I’m in this for the long run.

I’m sat here typing with my breasts tender and feeling “full”. Daddy enjoys every part of me, including areas that before have put others off. My 38HH breasts being one. He knows how to work my body so well and so thoroughly now that he is able to make me orgasm through nipple play alone. Feeling him grab my breasts in his hands, taking my nipple into his mouth and feeling his teeth nibble and his tongue lap at me. Seeing the look in his eyes as he begins to suck hard, almost feeding from me like some kind of erotic vampire. Somehow, he is now able to channel that into making me start to shake and jerk. My breathing started to become laboured as I feel an orgasm, all be it a mild one, build and then release. My nipples becoming tender for hours and my breasts swollen through stimulation. He is able to manipulate my body to his will and I love that.

I can be myself with him. My silly girly self that saw me laughing myself into tears after dinner, to my inner naughty self, where him spanking my pussy with the paddle can make mu juices flow. Having him call me his dirty little whore as he slaps me then forces me to cum makes my heart race in a way that no one else ever could. If anyone else had called me a whore they would get called worse and if a partner slapped me, it would be game on. But with Daddy, as my Dom, He knows exactly what to say to me to get that naughty little nympho excited. And he knows that as the owner of me, my body, and my mind, he can make me do pretty much whatever he wants, including squirt so much I soak through the mattress. True story.

Daddy has opened my eyes to lots of things. Outwit the bedroom he has shown me what its like to be taken care of. I don’t know it that’s unique to him being a Dom, Him beings older or him just being amazing in general but I love it. There is never judgement with Daddy, and he is always willing to look after every part of me, from my physical health to my mental health. He’s opened my eyes sexually too. He makes me enjoy my sex life to the point that I have willingly created a library of videos for him to enjoy due to the distance. Never before had I made a sex tape and now, I have one of us. Very rarely had I made a naughty video and now he has almost 100, if not over that by now. I can enjoy my sex life and I don’t ever have to feel shame with him. He makes me feel sexy all the time and as a result I want to me more sexual for him. Not only that I’m more sexual in myself, more confident and therefore more adventurous. Having multiple orgasms in the garden over coffee as he controls the vibrating egg inside me. Trying to contain myself as I pant in front of him. The puppet master pulling the vibrating strings.

He gives me so much joy and happiness in my life that I cant help but dream about a life with him. I want it all. I want the boring days when we have errands to do and I want the exciting days where we jump in the car and see where the road takes us. I want to spend my life wrapped in his arms, experiencing the kind of sex that makes my body and mind explode. I want to experience the sub space that makes me cry uncontrollably as I experience pure ecstasy. I want to be his always and I want him to be mine forever.

He is my protector, my biggest fan, my man, my Dom ... My love!

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