Kink vs Fetish

I enjoy joining in on blog prompts. It helps when your having a bit of blogger block and it also gets my brain thinking.

I received a DM in my Twitter a wee while back from a lovely fellow blogger. She offered me the chance to pick a topic for an upcoming prompt on “4 thoughts or fiction” and I jumped at the chance.

But what to pick?

There is so much I could choose from. So many things that I think could inspire both myself and others to write.

Was there anything I wanted to get off my chest?

Was there anything I wanted to know about?

Was there something I was really into at the moment?

Pretty much all the above.

And then while lying in bed one night it hit me ... kinks and fetishes. I had been reading so many different posts about how people felt embarrassed about what they were into. That was the decider for me; I wanted to do something to bring to light all the wonderful forms people’s kinks and fetishes can take. So long as it’s legal and consensual then no-one should ever feel shame about something that makes them happy.

But what is the difference between a kink and a fetish?

Well that’s why I chose to have the “vs" in the middle. Because as much as people sometimes think the 2 terms are one and the same, they are very much different.

So, what is a kink? A kink is defined as a sexual enjoyment of something unconventional. In my case, I have a kink for a few things. I have a breeding kink, where I get seriously turned on during sex and Daddy makes a comment about how he is going to “breed me like a dog" or “leave his seed inside me". It’s a massive turn on to me and fits in well with any degradation play we have as I am a happy little “cumdump" when I’m full off Daddy’s load.

Another kink I have is dirty talk. Holy Fuck! When Daddy starts talking dirty to me, it instantly gets me wet and if we are having sex and he starts talking, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’m gonna cum. Hearing him tell me he’s gonna fuck me? Yes please. While inside me, telling me how good it feels? It makes me feel so hot and horny that I can’t help but gush all over him.

While I do love my kinks, it doesn’t have to be a prominent part of play for me to orgasm. It’s like a bonus on top of a delicious dessert. I like the caramel sauce but it’s not essential for me to enjoy the sundae.

A fetish on the other hand, is defined as sexual arousal to an inanimate object, body part or act. This could be things like a fetish for latex or a foot fetish. While a kink is like an addition to the sex sundae, a fetish is thought of as the sundae itself. For many people their fetish needs to be part of the sex or at the very least a precursor to it.

In simple terms a kink is an interest and a fetish is a fixation.

While I have no fetishes of my own, I have been with partners who have had particular fixation that made them feel embarrassed for some reason. One liked nylon and would only be able to stay hard during sex if his partners were wearing tights. Not a big deal to me, but for him, he seemed think there was something wrong with it. It caused problems in his relationships including with me, as he treated it like a dirty little secret.

Sex, providing it’s legal and consensual, should be enjoyed and you should be free to explore your kinks and fetishes with a willing partner, without ever feeling shame.

Life is for living so get out there and enjoy your freaky selves. I know I am!



  1. Oh I so agree -Life is for living and within a consensual partnership between adults I think "game on"
    You chose fab topic and am really enjoying reading all the links
    May x

  2. Agreed. Even the weirdest or most obscure fetish isn't something anyone should have to feel ashamed for. Sex should be about seeking pleasure - whatever form that takes - rather than feeling ashamed because your pleasure isn't like that of other people.