Today I wanna talk a little about something a lot of my feminist peeps in my life have a huge issue with – Degradation.

So, one thing I get asked about when they know I’m into BDSM is does he call me names. I know they don’t mean like baby girl. And the answer is yes. Yes, he does.

I get that it’s not for everyone and there are even some in the BDSM community who don’t like it and that’s fine, but for me, during our play, it’s all good.

There have been times where he will ask me “What are you?” and depending on the context of the conversation, it will be one of 2 things he expects to hear. He’s looking for the nice answer or he’s looking for the nasty answer. So, I am either replying “Your beautiful baby girl” or I’m replying, “Your dirty little whore/slut/cum-dump”. And the funny thing is, it’s the former one that makes me feel uncomfortable when he makes me say it.

I know that when I am in play with Daddy and he calls me his little whore, he means it. I am his little whore – and I love it. That doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination make me less that him or mean I am a whore in general. What he is saying, and I am agreeing to, is that I am HIS naughty little nympho. Which is a fact.

When he calls me his cum-dump, this is also factually correct. I am indeed his and I do enjoy when he releases inside me, therefore ipso-facto-oreo I AM HIS CUM-DUMP.

Now, these names he calls me or the things he says to me during a scene are for play time only. He would never in his wildest dreams ever call me a whore openly in a public place or refer to me as his slut to other people. He isn’t a dickhead. He is completely respectful to me out with a degradation scene and similarly if anyone else called me that in front of him, I’m pretty sure they would instantly regret it. He is not a misogynist to call me his slut because it is being factually correct when he uses the prefix “my”. I am his and when we are together, I get nasty – and not in the mean way.

Me liking the degradation play I don't think makes me a “terrible feminist” either. I find my sexuality empowering. Even as a sub. In our sex life – wither it’s a play scene or just couple time – I get to have multiple orgasms, I can let go and be as wild as I want and more often than not I will be made to squirt at least once. NOTHING about my sex life has me feeling ashamed and to me that’s freeing as fuck! If anything, I guess it could make me a bad feminist as that’s about equality, yet it is most definitely not equal as I cum WAY more than he does. Yeah, he does get turned on by making me orgasm but that just turned on. I’m getting the actual release, so really, who is the one winning here? … That would be me.

Also, I like the degradation. Its fun for me. Having him pin me to the bed and pound me into the mattress while calling me a worthless whore and telling me he’s gonna breed me like a dog is the hottest shit I have ever heard in my entire life and it has on many an occasion tipped me over the edge into making a sticky mess on the bed.

Yeah someone else says that to me and they are getting a punch to the dick, but my Daddy? Who owns every last inch of me? He can say whatever the fuck he likes, and I’m gonna smile and say “yes Daddy” – Unless I’m feeling particularly bratty 😊

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