Dungeon taster

My apple didn’t fall far from the kinky tree.

My mum is also rather racy, and she actually met my stepdad as he was a Dom and she wanted to explore more of that world. I love that they got on so well, that they became a couple and have been together for so long. My mind tells me 15 years but I’m not 100% sure – but I digress. Its helpful having such a kinky-open parental unit as it means there is always an ear to be lent.

Another thing about having a kinky parental unit is their owning of a dungeon. And since its commercially available, there is so so much in there to play with.

When I went down in the years passed, I never got to play in it. My ex wasn’t keen on getting kinky so after his first initial look, that door stayed firmly locked. I don’t blame him. If the idea of pinning me to the bed filled him with disgust then seeing the whips, chains, hooks, and toys on display must have been like walking into some kind of nightmare. For me though it filled me with excitement.

When I went down as a single woman, I sat in the dungeon by myself one night. In a chair with a suspiciously placed hole at my ass. I sat there contemplating what I wanted from life – I know what a strange place for a reassessment but its where it happened so what can I say.

I realised that I had been very unhappy for a long time, always having to put my needs and my happiness to the bottom of the pile. I gave him almost 6 years of my life and he had stopped me growing so much as a person. I genuinely don’t think it was intentional, but it still happened.

I didn’t want another relationship. It felt too much like I was always getting trampled and I was done with that. But I did want to explore my kinky side. I wanted to find a fuck buddy who could meet my needs, rather than the one I had at the time which was simply a means to an end. And one day I wanted to play in that damn room.

Cut to 2 months later when I got a message from who would become quite possibly the love of my life.

Here is the thing about us. I wasn’t looking for a partner and neither was he. Our profiles said “no commitment” so going into there was a built in safety net. I was looking to make a friendly connection that hopefully could have a kinky element. I know that with BDSM there needed to be trust so followed the advice of my stepdad – look for someone older, experienced and that doesn’t wanna rush right into a scene. He should wanna learn about you first before he tries to get your knickers off. Coming from a Dom with many years under his belt, I took his advice seriously and was quite pleased to find, although we did have naughty talk, He did seem to want to know about what I had done before, what I was looking to try and what was my absolute no goes. Without sharing the messages with my stepdad, he seemed happy with the “buzz words” I reiterated. Being at the other end of the Island that is the United Kingdom, he was understandably nervous about me venturing into this world without someone close to back me up. But Daddy was saying all the right things for me too and when I met him there was something about him that just made my body sing. I don’t fuck on first dates as a rule, but by Christ it took me all my effort not to jump him that day. And that kiss? Fuck!

After that, the “plan” went so far out the window its probably floating over the Indian ocean by now. I was doomed from that first date and I was his. No-one else was gonna get a look in. He made (and still makes) me feel sexy as fuck and he views me as a prize rather than just someone who is there. He encourages me to do all these things I thought might seem silly and he pushes me to be myself rather than what people would prefer me to be. He talks to my demons and they listen. He lets me grow and discover, with a guiding hand on my ass and his arms there to land in should I fall. I have met my best friend, the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with, who makes me so happy and makes me so wet I could drown a hobbit. Life is good!

Almost 9 months later we travelled down to see my family, and I introduced him to the dungeon. I was so pissed off at this visit though, as it came after my fanny organs decided to go ape shit and cause me immense pain. I could barely stand without feeling like I was gonna black out, so sex was definitely off the table – God damn it! He did get a good look about though which made me so excited if I thought he would let me I would have got on my knees and begged him to destroy me. Like he says though, we have all the time in the world.

One thing he did seem to favour was the various whips and paddles. Finding a heavy leather flogger, his eyes lit up and after he lightly brought it across my leg to feel it, I gave an audible gulp. A couple of the toys he picked up and I instantly said “no” which made him snicker. My inner brat screaming to get out made me feel a little bold, even though I was in a literal room of potential torture. Not to be too lenient, he picked up a cane and instructed me to bend over the table. When I said that one looks sore – because it did, he promised it was just a taster.

Whack – and holy fuck did my ass nip. The cane is a strip of bamboo nasty! Not a fan – and my mouth made that known with some extra naughty words to Daddy.


He picked up the riding crop and again tapped on the table for me to bend over. Again, he exposed my bare ass and again I heard the air woosh as he connected the crop to my ass. Fuck me that was so much worse than my paddle at home!

Although we are almost a year into our BDSM adventure – It started in October – He is insistent that I build up to things rather than just dive in which is frustrating at times but in that instance I am so glad I only got the 5% of his strength. He caned and cropped himself first to try it out first and was a lot harder to the point he was bruised. I know that one day I will get the bruises to match – which actually excites me – but he insists I learn to crawl before I think about running.

He does have a point though – at the beginning I wasn’t bothered about nipple play as they were never really stimulated during sex but now, he can make me cum playing with my nipples so I’m trusting him. This man is magic and one day he’s gonna make me see sounds in that dungeon.

I just know it!


  1. Great post - I loved reading how you had that moment and every thing went out of the window - doomed lol
    May x

  2. It usually at those moments when we feel we've reached the bottom of a pit when the best things come into our lives.
    Walking before you run is great advice, so maybe he's there for more than just one reason :)