Practice Makes Perfect

I really like sucking Daddy’s cock.

It’s a strange thing to me when a woman says they don’t like giving head. To me its one of the most powerful feeling you can get during sex. I’m not a Domme, but if I were ever to show dominating tendencies, giving head would be it.

I am in complete control over his pleasure in that moment. Its not about a position we are in or if he is getting me close. Its all about what I'm doing to him. If I really wanted to be evil, I could get him to the point where he is about to cum and the pull away – Though I’m not sure I would be brave enough to ruin Daddy's orgasm. Even if I were so brave, I’m not sure I would wanna. The moans he makes, looking up at his eyes rolling as I’m sucking the life out of him. Seeing that shocked pleasure filled look on his face … That’s hot as fuck.

I love knowing I can make him moan and on occasion has actually growled. I love feeling his rock-hard cock twitching as I work my way up and down his length. I get excited feeling his thickness against my cheeks as my tongue strokes him. And if he decides he wants to skull fuck me? Oh. My. God! I’ve came myself from having him pound the back of my throat before. Its so primal and hot!

What can I say, I like giving head.

Recently though I stopped going down on Daddy so much. You see he’s very different from other partners I’ve had. Where they would beg constantly for me to go down on them, Daddy never really has. Yes during a play session, I will have been pounded into a slobbering mess and then find his cock in my mouth. But out with play, he’s never really asked for it. When I took matters into my own hands, or should I say mouth, after a while he would pull me up to him so he could kiss me and start to play with me. I felt like I couldn’t suck his cock how he liked, which isn’t OK with me.

I always though my blowjob skills were on point. I’ve always made it a personal trait to make sure my partners were satisfied. But with Daddy, he didn’t seem that into it.

Not gonna lie I was a little gutted at first but since I’m not one to quit I decided I would need to up my head game. He didn't seem to have an issue before so I could get back to that point again. Perhaps he needed more stimulation. Perhaps he needed it a bit more intense. I had no idea but I was gonna fix it!

This past week and a bit, once I’m in my room alone for the night, I had been practising my oral technique. The hair went up in a ponytail and while I was catching up on some binge watching, I was (often quite literally) choking on one of my dildos. I was practising getting my gag reflex under control, getting control of my breathing when I start to get dizzy, and practising opening my throat more to accommodate him. It would have been the weirdest sight for someone to walk in on. Me sat on my bed watching Big Bang Theory while chocking on a pink dildo but I’m prepared to do anything to make my Daddy happy.

This week he came for a visit and since we couldn’t really do much naughty play, I took the opportunity to show him just how much I had taught myself. To say he was pleased would have been an understatement. I got to show off my new deep throat skills 3 times before I made sure his balls were emptied. The noises coming out of him made me so happy and proud of my work that I didn’t even care that it was all about him.

That is the difference with us though. Daddy gives me so much pleasure over and over that having a day just for him is barely a drop in the ocean for the orgasms I get. And even then, later on in the day, he spanked me into orgasm and then we had an intense anal session, so he never allows it to be just about him really.

Afterwards when I woke up (like I said, intense) we had a chat about why he can’t just let me make it all about him and we got onto the subject of oral. Turns out he doesn’t think I’m crap at giving him head, he just loves to make me cum so much more. My worries were unfounded, and yet it pushed me to do better – and he definitely appreciates that. When I make him have to grab the headboard and I lose count of the number of times he groans “awe fuck yes”, that is a job well done and a cock well sucked.

I truly believe Daddy and I are a match made in heaven. We focus on giving pleasure to the other person rather than what pleasure we can get, and that to me is a good sign. He loves to make me cum, I love to make him cum – together were gonna make so much mess.

I can’t wait!



  1. I love how you have pushed yourself, and practiced to do better. And I love even more that he said you were good after all. So damn sweet :)
    I really enjoy giving my husband head.
    ~ Marie

  2. Wow. It is really impressive how committed you were to improving. Great submissive job! I love it too and totally know where you are coming from in terms of their response. :)

  3. They say to master a skill you have to put in the 10,000 hours. I think you have got off to great start!