Challenge Accepted

Its been a wee while since Daddy issued me with a challenge.

I’m not sure if it’s because I epically messed up "Jerk-of-June" or if he just hadn’t though about one. To be fair lock down had made being naughty difficult and making a sex tape is rather challenging with a teen walking about the house. But whatever the reason, its been 2 months since I’ve had a request from Daddy.

So, when he told me that he would like a video a day for “Sexy September” I got a little excited.

Truth is I like making Daddy videos, and the fact that he’s hinted more than once that he would like more (to add to the over 140 he already has) has made me feel so desired its unreal.

I have been contemplating what to do that can mix it up a bit for fear that he might get bored of the videos. I have done so many different thing and different views that I sometimes get a little stumped when I try to come up with something new. Solo isn’t the easiest to make original when you hit the triple digits.

Since this one is “Sexy September” I feel there is a little leeway. When I asked for specificity as “sexy” could be anything. He simply said I was to use my imagination. And this time I’m not going to worry about it and get myself all worked up. Last time I did that as it was 31 Joi videos and I really didn’t enjoy myself. I got too in my own head and a week in I was stressing, 2 weeks in I hated every second of it and by week 3 I just had enough and didn’t wanna do it anymore. I don’t like to fail when it comes to Daddy. I like to make him happy but at the same time, me making myself miserable isn’t gonna do either of us any favours.

So, this challenge I’m gonna go with the flow. Sexy is more open to interpretation which means I can shake it up a bit. Perhaps I will be in costume. Perhaps its just gonna be me telling him about all my favourite naughty things we have done together, perhaps he can catch me writhe around the bed in lace undies as I play with my toys. Who knows?

But what I do know is that I’m gonna have some fun with this one and by the 1st of October I’m gonna make sure his balls are suitably emptied.

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