A holiday from lockdown

I feel a little hypocritical sitting here in lock down longing for a holiday.

I mean realistically I am not doing anything strenuous that would require a vacation but mentally I am so drained that I just need away. A change of scenery and some new faces to interact with perhaps. Or even a chance to take off my mum hat and not need to worry 24/7 about things I have to do, and the millions of things I cant control but still worry about.

Every summer the teen and I go down to England to stay with my family, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening due to covid-19. The reality is that I have no idea when I will see them again and that absolutely breaks my heart as it’s not like I can see them much as it is. Once or twice a year if I’m lucky – and now the summer holiday is most definitely off so who knows if I’ll see them at Christmas. 

Before lock down I was toying with the idea of having my first ever holiday with a partner, just the two of us. It’s not something I ever got the chance to do, instead having family holidays down to England with my ex or going to Disneyland Paris with the teen (then 10), my sister and brother-in-law.
Disneyland, Paris

Daddy has little to no time off though so I was thinking about seeing if I could get him to take a weekend off, get the bestie to watch the teen and off we could go up north. I reckon that would be a great wee trip for him and I. Especially as its something we can do at our own pace. And there is no need to do anything we don't want to. I'd love to rent a log cabin or something for a couple of nights. somewhere that we are kinda secluded so we don't have to deal with noisy folk next door and we can have privacy too. Go out an about during the day if we wish, visiting Lochs, seeing castles and maybe a deer or two, then spend the nights wrapped up in each other. Eating good food and making love all night. How is that not the perfect way to spend a weekend together? I know he would love it too.

Great Glen, Scotland

Don't get me wrong, I would love to do a proper holiday with him and the teen at some point too. I jump between what is a dream holiday, but I cant ever settle on one thing as there needs to be something for everyone.

New Orleans for example – The teen would be bored stupid going there and touring the city of the dead or learning about the supernatural lore. Plus, he’s way too young to drink so that can’t even placate him as it might Daddy.

Florida during Halloween is without a doubt my dream holiday. It’s the best of both for me as I love everything about both Disney and Halloween so spending time in Disney world and the going to Horror nights at universal would be awesome. But then the teen is too young for the horror and I’m not sure Daddy’s back could hold out a trip around the parks. At Paris we averaged 20,000 steps a day and that park is nowhere as big as in Florida. The downside to that is though, mentally I would struggle with busy parks. I needed a few days after Paris to mentally recover as mu anxiety was sky high.

Perhaps then something like Italy might be better. Its romantic, we can have a mix of chill days and sightseeing, plus the teen can eat pizza till it comes out his ears and Daddy and I can try lots of different coffees and ice-creams.

I selfishly want a break with just he and I though as I miss him like mad and it would be nice to have some time just the two of us.

I wonder if it would ever happen. I can but dream. 



  1. I have never been to Florida or New Orleans but I have been to Italy more than once - it is very beautiful
    May x

    1. I went to Florida a few times as a child but i cant really remember it and i was vertically challenged then so most rides were a little out of reach lol. Its on my bucket list to go to all 3 placed though. Along with Iceland to see the northern lights and sleep in an ice hotel xx