Yes daddy

When you enter into a D/s relationship, there are rules that you are expected to follow. Namely, you (as a sub) do as you are told!

So when Daddy tells me to go to the toilet in the train, I know I'm good girl and will do as I'm told. What I was thinking was he wanted a cheeky nipple pic ... he on the other hand had different ideas.

"Baby girl, I want you to go to the toilet and make yourself cum. I want you to film it for Daddy. 2 words"

"Yes daddy"

Not gonna lie. There was definitely an element of fear mixed with excitement when he told me what he wanted. Id never touched myself in public before, let alone make myself cum. But half the fun for me in this D/s relationship is I'm TOLD what to do and it's within my boundaries so I will do it. Just for Daddy. 

When I went back to my seat, blushing from my orgasm and watching the video upload, it did make me wonder what other things I had never done and wanted to do. Sex in public (obviously in a private area away from others) has always been a fantasy of mine. But up until playing in the train toilet, I never actually considered it be anything more than fantasy. But there is definitely something so kinky about knowing there are people just outside the door. Knowing I need to keep quiet and yet I feel the pleasure build up until I cum. It's hot as fuck.

And Daddy, also loving the idea of pushing my boundaries is compiling a list of all the kinky things he "plans" to do to me. I have a sneaky suspicion I'm gonna be taken on a walk one day and fucked up against a tree.

I can't wait!

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