Being a nympho is actually really shitty!

For years I used to think that people who claimed they had a sex addiction were just looking for an excuse to cheat but I can actually see how they got to that point. Thank fuck for self control.

Well I say I have self control - That's not strictly true when it comes to Daddy. No when it comes to my sex life now, I just can't seem to get enough. Before I was kinda "meh" about sex, but since Daddy introduced me to the ways of BDSM, I am dictionary definition of insatiable. I'm completely ravenous when I get my hands on him and I practically trip over myself to turn into his little play thing 

I have zero self control when it comes to solo play too. Especially tonight when I got the green light from daddy after being a cheeky girl. I was given permission to play with his property and I made it count ...though I'm rather uncomfortable as a result. 

Sadly it's not enough to let me sleep though. Where my toy box used to be my go to for pleasure, now it's nothing more than a naughty band aid. A filler activity until I can be with Daddy and let him play with me like a toy. This both impresses and worries me. For years my vibrator collection was more than enough and now it's just barely scratching my itch. 

Not good for the libido control, especially if I can't see Daddy regularly at them moment.

No tonight instead of sleeping, I'm lying here awake, wrapped in my blanket wondering if I can get to Primark to have a look at their new Disney throws ... cause you can never have too many blankets.

And looking at the vibrators on Lovehoney ... cause you can never have to many toys.

On a side note how long is too long for your pussy to be tingling after repeated orgasms?

Asking for a friend.

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